Statistical Outreach and Literacy Award

The aim of this award is to acknowledge contributions to statistical literacy and outreach in the public domain. For instance, the candidate may have furthered the understanding of statistics through utilizing statistical or graphical methods in electronic or print media, in conference presentations or other public forums, or by offering training courses on statistical topics in the US or abroad. The candidate may have reached out to further the use of statistics in other disciplines. He or she may have inspired an understanding of a public issue through the use of statistics. Candidates need not be affiliated with academia. This award will ordinarily be given every two years.

Prof. Elena Naumova of Tufts University is the recipient of 2022 Statistical Outreach and Literacy Award. She is the Chair of the Division of Nutrition Data Science, as well as a Professor at the Friedman School. To learn more about her work, please use this link.  

Previous Recipients:

Elena Naumova, 2022
Sharon Hessney, 2020