Gerald J. Hahn Q&P Achievement Award

Gerald J. Hahn Q&P Achievement Award




The Quality and Productivity Section announces the Gerald J. Hahn Q&P Achievement Award, which recognizes an individual who has demonstrated
outstanding and sustained achievement and leadership in developing, promoting, and successfully improving the quality and productivity of products and organizational performance using statistical concepts and methods over a period of 20 or more years.  This award is named after the first American Statistical Association (ASA) Quality & Productivity (Q&P) chair, Gerald (Gerry) J. Hahn, who exemplified these traits throughout his long and successful career.

The award recipient must have:

  1. Delivered measurable and significant value to his/her organization, as recognized by peers and organizational leaders, in applying statistical concepts and methods to improving quality and productivity over a sustained period of time.
  2. Successfully led and promoted the use of statistical concepts in methods to improve quality and productivity both within the organization and the profession.

Past Recipients:

2023 Julia O’Neill
2022 Peter A. Parker
2021 Christine Anderson-Cook
2020 Martha Gardner
2018 Wayne Nelson
2017 Ronald J. Snee
2016 Lynne B. Hare
2015 William Q. Meeker
2014 Michael S. Hamada


Presentation of the Award:
The award will be presented at the Fall Technical Conference (FTC) of that year in the form of a plaque with the inscription “In recognition of outstanding and sustained achievement and leadership in developing, promoting and successfully applying statistical concepts and methods for quality and productivity improvement.” The recipient’s name will be added to the list of recipients on the Q&P website and announced in ASA and Q&P publications (AMSTAT News, Q&P/SPES newsletter, etc.).  The award recipient will be invited to give the Q&P sponsored plenary address at the FTC and offered the travel compensation that has traditionally been provided to the plenary speaker of the Q&P session.  If the award recipient cannot attend the FTC, then another FTC plenary speaker will be invited.  The recipient will also be announced at the Joint Statistical Meetings of that year.

Nomination Process:
A link to a document containing the list of requirements is at the bottom of this website. Nominators will obtain letters of support (not more than one page each)  from at least three (but not more than six) other individuals, collect all required documents (including the nominee’s resume), prepare a short letter of submittal, and submit the nomination no later than February 28 to be considered for the award of that year.  The Q&P Section and ASA will extensively publicize this award and solicit nominations.

Award Committee:
The recipient will be selected no later than April 30 by a committee of at least 7 members of the Q&P Section. The initial award committee chair will be appointed by the Q&P Executive Committee and will serve a term of three years.  The chair will nominate at least six other highly qualified Q&P Section leaders to serve on the award committee for three-year terms (except for the initial appointees who will have staggered terms of two, three, and four years).  Subsequent committee chairs will be appointed by the Q&P Executive Committee, presumably from among current committee members.

The award committee should be a diverse group with regard to gender, age, industry versus academia experience, and key interest areas.

Selection Guidelines:
The selection committee will judge the applicants based on the previously stated award objectives and criteria.

Please contact the current Award Committee Chair, Peter Parker (

Nomination Requirements:

The nomination materials must be submitted to the award chair Peter Parker ( no later than February 28. 

The nomination packet should contain:

·         Nominator’s name and contact information

·         Nominee’s name and affiliation

·         Short letter of submittal containing the following statements:

o   How nominee has demonstrated substantial, outstanding and sustained achievement and leadership in developing, promoting and successfully applying statistical concepts for quality and productivity improvement (not more than 750 words)

o   Impact of nominee’s work described in response to preceding question (not more than 300 words)

o   Comments on nominee’s speaking ability (as plenary speaker at forthcoming Fall Technical Conference; not more than 100 words)

o   Added comments (optional; not more than 300 words)

·         3 to 6 letters of support (no more than one page each). Such letters will be especially helpful if they can provide personal and workplace verification of the nominee’s direct contribution and impact on quality and productivity improvement using statistical concepts.

·         Nominee’s resume