Office  Term        2023
Chair-Elect  1 year    Maria Weese
Chair  1 year    Sarah Burke
Past Chair  1 year       Xinwei Ding
Program Chair-Elect  1 year    Ryan Lekivetz
Program Chair  1 year    Anne Driscoll
Treasurer  3 year    Sharad Prabhu
Secretary  3 year    Annie Zangi
COS Representative  3 year    Mike Pokojovy
Publications  1 year    Zhongnan Jin (Mark)
Webmaster  3 year    Peng Liu
Continuing Education  3 year    Arthur Lui
Fellows Nominations  1 year    Abdelsalam Gomaa Abdelsalam (Abdo)
QPRC Steering  3 year    Jeff Hooper
Natrella Scholarship  3 year    Will Guthrie
FTC Steering  2 year    David Edwards
Gerald J. Hahn Award  3 year    Ana Del Amo
Mentoring Committee  3 year  Daksha Chokshi
Mentoring Committee  3 year  Reid Landes

Serving the section requires a non-trivial commitment of time and expertise. Please review the former officers files in the library listing the leadership team for the years 1995 to the current. Here is a one-document version listing all officers from 1995 through 2016 by year in grid form. If you're interested in volunteering, please contact the current chair-elect.