The Quality and Productivity Section supports ongoing teaching and learning about the profession of statistics and celebrates the accomplishments of those whose service has advanced our mission, vision and values.



Mary G. and Joseph Natrella Scholarship
The Mary G. and Joseph Natrella scholarship is open to students who are currently pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree full time in an accredited college or university. The student must have a demonstrated interest in quality applications as evidenced by course work, research topic, or prior work experience. The scholarship provides a grant as well as a travel stipend to attend the Quality and Productivity Research Conference at which the student will give a presentation of their research work. More information 
Quality and Productivity Research Conference Student Scholarships

The organizers of the Quality and Productivity Research Conference offer scholarships each year for students who wish to participate in the conference. The scholarships cover registration and local expenses. 

Ellis R. Ott Scholarship

The Ellis R. Ott Scholarship is awarded by the Statistics Division of ASQ to support graduate level students enrolled in a program with a concentration in applied statistics and/or quality management.

Fall Technical Conference Student Grant

The Statistics Division of the American Society for Quality offers up to five grants per year for students who wish to attend the Fall Technical Conference. Grants are available for currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students of statistics and quality management.



Gerald J. Hahn Q&P Achievement Award by the Quality and Productivity Section of the ASA
The Quality and Productivity Section announces the Gerald J. Hahn Q&P Achievement Award, which recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding and sustained achievement and leadership in developing, promoting, and successfully improving the quality and productivity of products and organizational performance using statistical concepts and methods over a period of 20 or more years. This award is named after the first ASA Q&P chair, Gerald (Gerry) J. Hahn, who exemplified these traits throughout his long and successful career.

William G. Hunter Award by the ASQ Statistics Division

The William G. Hunter Award is presented annually in order to encourage the creative development and application of statistical techniques to problem-solving in the quality field. Named in honor of the Statistics Division’s founding chairman, the award recognizes that person (or persons) whose actions most closely mirror Bill Hunter’s strengths.