Our Focus

Our Focus

To promote quality and productivity through the development, teaching, and proper application of statistical thinking and tools

Be the world class volunteer organization devoted to statistical thinking and the proper application of quality and productivity principles

Our primary customers are:

• Q&P members
• Educators of statistics
• Q&P practitioners, both industrial and non-industrial

Our primary products and services are:

• Education on Q&P principles (beyond tools) - examples include short courses, newsletter articles, brochures, and conference sessions
• Guidance on improving statistical education
• Incorporating Q&P strategies and tools into statistics curricula
• Applying Q&P principles to statistical education
• Research opportunities in Q&P - examples include conferences, publications, and guidance on Q&P research topics

Key partnerships to leverage our resources:

• ASA SPES Section, on industrial Q&P research and application
• ASQC Statistics Division, on broad application of statistical thinking
• ASA Statistical Education Section, on applying Q&P principles to statistical education, and incorporating Q&P into the statistics curricula