ASA Section on Statistical Computing &

ASA Section on Statistical Graphics

The ASA Section on Statistical Computing's mission is to promote computational applications that solve problems arising in statistics and data science. Through these efforts, we advocate efficient and user-friendly computational applications arising from methodological and software developments. In addition, we encourage the joint application of computational statistical and data science techniques in other fields, and act as a focal point for computational activities within the ASA. The importance of these activities is becoming even more critical with the advance of data technologies that challenge us with new problems.

The ASA Section on Statistical Graphics's mission is to foster understanding and proper use of statistical graphics in statistics, in other scientific fields, in the greater data visualization community, in the mass media, and among the general public. In addition, we encourage the teaching of statistical graphics in universities, colleges, secondary schools, and primary schools and we encourage research in statistical graphics and data visualization to provide a focus within the Association for it. The importance of these activities is becoming even more critical with the advent of enormous datasets of extremely high dimensionality.

If these activities interest you, please consider adding either or both sections to your ASA membership.

2022 Student Awards announced!

The review panel of the John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award consisted of Yixuan Qiu (Section on Statistical Computing), Samantha Tyler (Section on Statistical Computing; chair of the review panel) and Philip Waggoner (Section on Statistical Computing). The 2022 John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award goes to:

Hubert Baniecki (for python package dalex, https://github.com/ModelOriented/DALEX/tree/master/python/dalex), Warsaw University of Technology.

An honorable mention goes to

Vittorio Orlandi (for R package FLAME, https://github.com/almost-matching-exactly/R-FLAME), Duke University.

The review panel of the Student Paper Award consisted of Linglong Kong (Section on Statistical Computing), Israel Almodovar (Section on Statistical Computing), Inyoung Kim (Section on Statistical Graphics), Kiegan Rice (Section on Statistical Graphics), Raymond Wong (both sections; chair of the review panel). The four 2022 Student Paper Awards go to:

Mengyu Li, Renmin University of China, "Core-elements for Least Squares Estimation";

Emily A. Robinson, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, "Eye Fitting Straight Lines in the Modern Era";

Abhishek Shetty, University of California, Berkeley, "Distribution Compression in Near-linear Time";

Xinkai Zhou, University of California, Los Angeles, "Bag of Little Bootstraps for Massive and Distributed Longitudinal Data".

The student award recipients will present their work in a topic-contributed session of the 2022 Joint Statistical Meetings. They will also receive their certificate and cash prize at the mixer of the Section on Statistical Computing
and the Section on Statistical Graphics.

2021 The Annual Data Challenge Expo

The Annual Data Challenge Expo is jointly sponsored by three ASA Sections – Statistical Computing, Statistical Graphics, and Government Statistics. It is open to anyone who is interested in participating— including government, industry, academia, retirees, and students. Each year, this contest challenges participants to analyze a core data set using statistical and visualization tools and methods. Please find further information at https://community.amstat.org/jointscsg-section/dataexpo/dataexpo2021