Statistical Computing Section Officers 

Mine Cetinkya-Rundel, Chair, Duke University, 2022-2024
Jun Yan, Past Chair, University of Connecticut, 2021-2023
Claire Bowen, Chair-Elect, Urban Institute, 2023-2025
Dave Kessler, Secretary/Treasurer, SAS University, 2022-2023
Kun Chen, Program Chair, University of Connecticut, 2022-2023
Linglong Kong, Past Program Chair, University of Alberta, 2021-2022
David Dahl, Program Chair-Elect, Brigham Young University, 2023-2024
Samantha Tyner, COS, Bureau of Labor Statistics, OSMR, 2021-2023
Hua Zhou, COS, Wake Forest University, 2022-2023
Stephanie Hicks, COS, Johns Hopkins, 2023-2025
James Flegal, Publications, University of California-Riverside, 2020-2022

Statistical Graphics Section Officers  

Lucy D'Agostino McGowan, Chair, Wake Forest University, 2022-2024
Ed Mulrow, Past Chair, NORC at the University of Chicago, 2021-2023
Susan Vanderplas, Chair-Elect, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2023-2025
Nancy Murray, Secretary/Treasurer, Food and Drug Administration, 2023-2024
Allison Presmanes-Hill, Program Chair, 2022-2023
Carson Sievert, Past Program Chair, Sievert Consulting, 2021-2022
Michael Jadoo, Program Chair-Elect, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2023-2024  
Denise Abreu, COS, National Agricultural Statistics Service, 2023-2025
Xiaoyue Cheng, COS, 2022-2024
Natalia Da Silva, Publications, IESTA-UdelaR, 2022-2024

Awards Committee Members 

Raymond Wong, Student Awards Committee Chair
Linglong Kong, Student Awards Committee
Inyoung Kim, Student Awards Committee
Israel Almodovar, Student Awards Committee
Kiegan Rice, Student Awards Committee
Raymond Wong, Chambers Award non-voting Committee Chair
Samantha Tyner, Chambers Award Committee
Philip Waggoner, Chambers Award Committee
Yixuan Qiu, Chambers Award Committee
Usha Govindarajulu, SCSG Award Committee Co-Chair
Simon Urbanek, SCSG Award Committee Co-Chair
Jun Yan, SCSG Award Committee Co-Chair
Ed Mulrow, SCSG Award Committee Co-Chair
Mine Cetinkya-Rundel, SCSG Award Committee-Elect
Ed Mulrow, SCSG Award Committee-Elect
Raymond Wong, SCSG Award Committee non-voting overseer

Past Officers - Statistical Computing

Past Officers - Statistical Graphics