Best Contributed Presentation

(1999 - 2005)

The Statistical Computing Section presents an award for the best presentation of a contributed paper. The paper must have been submitted to the Joint Statistical Meetings through the Computing Section, and judging is based on audience ballots. The winner of the presentation award will receive a plaque and a small cash award at the following year's Joint Statistical Meetings. 



A total of 48 contributed papers entered the 2005 competition, with the award for best overall presentation being given to Heather Turner, Research Fellow at the Department of Statistics, University of Warwick, UK, (jointly with David Firth, from the same department) for the paper "Multiplicative Interaction Models in R" in the session "Algorithms and Software"


Best Contributed Paper Award

  • Jing Wang, Assistant Professor at the Department of Experimental Statistics, Louisiana State University
    A Numerical Method for the MLE of an NLMM


Best Contributed Paper Award

  • Samuel L. Buttrey, Naval Postgraduate School and Dept. of Operations Research
    On Strength and Correlation in Random Forests (co-authored with Izumi Kobayashi)


Best Contributed Paper Award

  • Jim Booth, Professor at the Department of Statistics, University of Florida
    Empirical Sup Rejection Sampling (co-authored with Brian Caffo and Anthony Davison)


Presentation Award

  • James D. Servidea, a graduate student at the University of Chicago.
    Keeping Flies Out of the Ointment: Dealing with Dependence in Bridge Sampling


Best Contributed Paper Award

  • Herbie LeeDavid HigdonMarco Ferreira, and Mike West, Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences, Duke University
    Markov Random Field Models for High-Dimensional Parameters in Simulations of Fluid Flow in Porous Media

Presentation Award

  • Dr. Murray Smith, Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics, University of Sydney
    mathStatica: Mathematical Statistics with Mathematica


Best Contributed Paper Award(s)

  • Christopher Raphael, University of Massachusets
    A Probabilistic Expert System for Automatic Musical Accompaniment
  • Jennifer Pittman, Pennsylvania State University
    Adaptive Splines and Genetic Algorithms
    (Honorable Mention)

Presentation Award

  • Prof. Ronald Randles, Department of Statistics, University of Florida
    A Simpler, Affine-Invariant Multivariate Distribution-Free Sign Test