Before 1993

Some of the data sets can be found here.

1991 - Disease Data for Public Health Surveillance

1990 - King Crab Data

1988 - Baseball
The 1988 Exposition's data was collected by Lorraine Denby. It addressed the 1986 salaries and performance of North American Major League Baseball players.

The Exposition's original instructions and data

A set of corrections to the original data

A second set of revisions, provided by Hoaglin and Vellema.

1986 Geometric Feature of Pollen Grains

The 1986 Exposition's dataset was assembled by David Coleman of RCA Labs. Artificially generated, the data is comprised of 3848 observations on 5 variables.

The Exposition's data

1983 Automobiles

The 1983 Data Exposition dataset was collected by Ernesto Ramos and David Donoho and dealt with automobiles. Data on mpg, cylinders, displacement, was provided for 406 different cars, each identified by name.

The Exposition's instructions.

The Exposition's data.