Welcome to the Committee on Minorities in Statistics

Our Mission

To foster participation in statistics and data science by members of minority groups that have been historically underrepresented in the field of statistics. This year, we are focused on four key initiatives that help to create a more diverse and inclusive discipline.

  • Diversity Mentoring Program
  • StatFest
  • CoMiS Web Series 
  • JSM Sessions on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

More information on our core programs, the Diversity Mentoring Program (DMP) and StatFest, is provided below. 

Diversity Mentoring Program

The DMP is held in conjunction with the Joint Statistical Meetings and involves a multi-day program that brings together a small number of early-career/graduate student statisticians and mid- and senior-level statisticians to provide mentoring and career skills development. Mentees are selected following an application process that typically begins in the spring.

About every three to four years, we organize the larger Diversity Workshop and Mentoring Program (DWMP), which replaces the first day of the program with a larger one day workshop. In addition to the smaller group of selected mentees, this workshop is open to a broader audience. 

DMP 2023 was held at JSM in Toronto, Canada.
DWMP 2022 was held at JSM in Washington, DC.
DMP 2021 was held at JSM in Seattle, Washington. 
DMP 2020 was held virtually at JSM. 
DWMP 2018 was held at JSM in Vancouver, Canada.
DMP 2019 was held at JSM in Denver, CO. 

Please see DMP 2024 for more information on this year's program!

StatFest is a one day conference that primarily aims to expose undergraduate students to a broad range of career options in statistics and data science and provides information to help prepare participants for success in graduate-level statistics and data science programs. The event is typically held in the early fall (September or October). This conference does not require an application to attend, however, pre-registration is generally required to help in planning. 

StatFest 2023 was held at SAS Headquarters in Cary, NC.
StatFest 2022 was held virtually.
StatFest 2021 was held virtually.
StatFest 2020 was held virtually.
StatFest 2019 was held at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, TX. 
StatFest 2018 was held at Amherst College in Amherst, MA. 

Please see StatFest 2024 for more information on this year's program!

2024 COMIS Lead Team
Please contact a member of our lead team for more information on the initiatives organized and delivered by our committee. 

COMIS Chair: Emily Butler, PhD, ProKidney
StatFest Chair: Brittney Bailey, PhD, Amherst College
DMP Chair:
Prince Allotey, PhD, University of South Carolina

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