Joining the ASA Section on Statistics in Sports

The section sponsors activities promoting the development and incorporation of statistical methods to games and sports applications, and the dissemination of appropriate statistical methodology throughout the world of games and sports. Get involved by joining the ASA, and the Section on Statistics in Sports.

You can join the ASA Section on Statistics in Sports by first joining the American Statistical Association, and then selecting SIS as one of the sections to join. Instructions for joining the ASA can be found on the ASA membership page. SIS Section annual dues are currently $5 for regular members, and $2 for students. If you are already a member of the ASA but not the SIS Section, you can join by completing and returning the Chapters & Sections Membership form.

An important benefit of being a Section member is complimentary access to the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports (JQAS).  If you are an SIS member, you can access journal articles through the following process:  (1) Go through the login process on, (2) click on Account at the top of the page and then select "ASA Publications" on the subsequent screen, (3) click on the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports link, and (4) click on the "Access JQAS" button.

Joining the Statistics in Sports e-mail lists

The SIS maintains two off-site e-mail lists residing on the Google groups server that are open to all; SIS-L and SIS_DISCUSS-L. You do not need to be a member of the ASA or the Section on Statistics in Sports to be on the lists.  The first list (SIS-L) is for SIS news and activities, and the second list (SIS_DISCUSS-L) is for free-form sports statistics discussions. To join either list, send a message directly to or, respectively, with a message explaining that you would like to join either or both lists.  If you do not already have a google (or gmail) account, you will need to create a google account (follow the instructions provided, if any). Otherwise, enter your google email address and password to sign in and complete the group membership.

Before you are allowed to join either list, you may need to confirm the e-mail address you provide (a confirmation note will be sent to you). After confirmed, the request will then be forwarded to the list owner for final approval.