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The purpose of this section is to provide a forum for statisticians working in the areas of defense, military research, national security, homeland security, and counterterrorism. This includes assisting in the advancement of knowledge in defense and national security by fostering wider and more effective use of statistical techniques, promoting the statistical profession and statistical best practices within the defense and national security governmental and affiliated organizations, encouraging professional review of statistical methods and statistical activities carried out in support of national security, particularly statistical research that is not available for public review, and disseminating information and providing training opportunities for individuals involved in the production and use of defense and national security data and statistics.

Upcoming Webinar

Dr. Thomas Mathew, Department of Statistics, UMBC
Tolerance Intervals and Regions: An introduction and Some Applications 
July 21, 2023 

Link to register: https://jhuapl.zoomgov.com/meeting/register/vJItfu-hrTssGtWbK4MGeAEzaiqlGtzDF50
Recording will be posted on the SDNS YouTube Channel when

A tolerance interval is an interval that is expected to capture a specified proportion or more of a population with a given confidence level. The interval is constructed using a random sample, and the confidence level refers to the sampling variability. A tolerance region is similarly defined for a multivariate population. In the talk, tolerance intervals and regions will be formally defined, their computation will be briefly explained for some univariate and multivariate populations, and illustrated using several real applications. The applications include testing the ballistic resistance of personal body armor, the assessment of whether the distribution of the peak cladding temperature (PCT) of a nuclear power plant is below a regulatory requirement, and the computation of reference intervals and regions in laboratory medicine.  

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