SDNS Speakers Program

Have you ever wondered what kind of statistical research helps keep our nation safe from biological attacks or helps officials understand terrorist networks? Are you interested to learn what a defense statistician’s job is like and what kinds of problems they face?

The ASA Section on Statistics in Defense and National Security (SDNS) has a Speakers Program so that experienced researchers can help answer these questions and others! Statisticians working in defense and security are available to come speak at your college or university to describe their work and share their enthusiasm for this important field.

What is the SDNS Speakers Program?

The SDNS Speakers Program facilitates visits by expert speakers to attend host academic institutions for a presentation and discussion. The Speakers Program aims to foster communication between statisticians, and to familiarize students with the role of statisticians in defense and national security. Speakers can talk on topics including biosurveillance, cyber defense, military force structure, distributed sensor networks, reliability, experimental design, and many other topics.

Why should I request an SDNS speaker?

Through the SDNS Speakers Program, students and faculty at your institution will get access to experts in a field to which they might otherwise have little exposure. Academic statisticians at host institutions will gain insight into current statistical issues in defense and security. Throughout their interaction, students and faculty will be introduced to a new point-of-contact in this sector that could lead to new opportunities for internships, employments, or other career opportunities. The SDNS speakers are dynamic, engaging, and eager to share their unique research with others.

How do I request an SDNS speaker?

If you might be interested in having a SDNS Speaker visit your university please contact the SDNS Speaker Committee chair, Joseph Warfield,, with a visit proposal. If your proposal is selected, SDNS will reimburse up to $500 for expenses related to the speaker visit. Funds are limited so please contact us to plan your seminar today!