Welcome to the Kentucky Chapter

American Statistical Association

We have events at least twice a year (Spring and Fall meeting).  The Spring meeting at a minimum includes opportunity for students to present the research that they are conducting.  The fall meeting usually has presenters from a variety of fields where statistics can be applied. 
We also participate as judges in local, regional or state science fairs.

If you are have questions, interested in membership or in being a speaker, please contact us at amstat.ky@gmail.com


Welcome to ASA-KY!

Our Events

​​​​​​​ Spring In Person ASA-KY Event - Keynote Speakers and Student Presentations

Date: Friday March 22

Time: 12:30- ~5:15PM

University of Kentucky, Multidisciplinary Sciences Building (725 Rose Street, Lexington KY - Click here for parking information), Room 220


  • Dr. Pankaj Choudhary (University of Texas- Dallas).  Title: Tolerance bands for exponential family functional data 

    Abstract: A tolerance band for a functional response provides a region that is expected to contain a given fraction of observations from the sampled population at each point in the domain. This band is a functional analogue of the tolerance interval for a univariate response. Although the problem of constructing functional tolerance bands has been considered for a Gaussian response, it has not been investigated for non-Gaussian responses, which are common in biomedical applications. We describe a methodology for constructing tolerance bands for two non-Gaussian members of the exponential family: binomial and Poisson. The approach is to first model the data using the framework of generalized functional principal components analysis. Then, a parameter is identified in which the marginal distribution of the response is stochastically monotone. We show that the tolerance limits can be readily obtained from confidence limits for this parameter, which in turn can be computed using large-sample theory and bootstrapping. The proposed methodology works for both dense and sparse functional data. We report the results of simulation studies designed to evaluate its performance and get recommendations for practical applications. The methodology is illustrated using two actual biomedical studies.

  • Dr. Ji-Hyun Lee (University of Florida). Abstract details to come.

Student presentations:  sign up coming soon.

In addition: We will be collecting non-perishable food items (such as pasta, rice, microwave meals, or non-food items found listed here) for the Big Blue Pantry, a service for UK students experiencing food insecurity or hunger.