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fancy lineASA Statement on DEIBA

The leadership of the American Statistical Association commits to strengthening our professional community by making it more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive. We affirm that our mission, "Promoting the Practice and Profession of Statistics," can be realized only by fully embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility in all our operations. Individuals embody many traits, so the leadership will work with the members of the ASA to create and sustain responsive, flourishing, and safe environments that support individual needs, stimulate intellectual growth, and promote professional advancement for all.

We commit to these objectives:

  • Learn from our members and others how to identify and overcome systemic racism and hindering biases of any kind
  • Critically reappraise and improve the effectiveness of our DEIBA efforts
  • Identify and develop resources for individuals and organizations in our professional community to enable growth and appreciation for cultural humility
  • Share openly our diversity and inclusion efforts and the solutions we have implemented

The Anti-Racism Task Force convened by the ASA Board under the leadership of Wendy Martinez, Rob Santos, and Kathy Ensor offered recommendations to our community.

We are working to make progress on their recommendations and have engaged the Nova Collective to partner with us.

Read an interview with the Nova Collective in Amstat News.

We welcome your suggestions for additional resources. Please use this form to contribute.

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DEIB 101 - Introduction to Social Identity: "Beyond the Demographic" 

Recording available here and slides available here

We will examine demographics more closely by diving into them as Social Identities - aspects of individuals and communities that can have significant impact on their outcomes and resources.  Join ASA and the Nova Collective as we go “beyond the demographic” and look at identities through the lens of DEIBA. 

DEIBA & Decision Making: How to be a "Multipartial" Gatekeeper

Recording available here and slides available here.

Many of us exercise decision-making power in our daily lives. Whether in our professional context, or in our roles as members of the ASA, we are making choices that can impact others’ access, success, and ability to thrive within our profession. As we consider how we make decisions, it can be helpful to leverage a lens of multipartiality. 

Navigating Biases in Statistics 

Recording available here and slides available here.

We know by now that biases are everywhere.  In this session, we will set aside the “practical” matter of bias and examine bias more specifically in our interpersonal and group dynamics.  How do biases around gender, race/ethnicity, age, and ability influence our interactions?  How can we build tools for acknowledging and lessening the impact of biases in our interactions?