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American Statistical Association (ASA)
Committee on International Relations in Statistics (CIRS)


Our committee is a multi-disciplinary team of statisticians and data scientists from around the world who are leading shared initiatives with the goal of linking statistical professionals, societies, and other organizations. Committee members team up on various new initiatives, while also working synergistically with other committees, initiatives, activities within the ASA.

We are striving to: 

-   identify goals, develop innovative policies, and organize projects to foster international communications, exchange joint development activities linking professional statisticians, societies, and other organizations globally, 

-  and better inform ASA members and others of activities, fostering greater involvement

Highlighted ASA Groups - International Outreach

The Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Outreach Group
 is a community of statisticians and data scientists, is committed to communication, programming, and professional development to advance and support a society that values all people. 

Statistics without Borders (SWB) provides pro bono statistical and data science services. We work to improve human welfare by providing empirical knowledge using proper applications of statistical principles and best practices so that our clients can make more informed decisions. They focus on areas where access to such resources is limited.