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Welcome to the Section on Statistical Education!

The Section on Statistical Education promotes the teaching and learning of statistics by offering opportunities for all teachers. Teachers include academics, K-12 teachers, as well as informal or formal education in a professional context like business, journalism, medical research, consulting, and policy making.

The section’s active involvement include:

• Offering opportunities for all statistical educators to share and discuss ideas through professional meetings, online discussion groups, and personal connections made through the section.

• Providing educational resources for the extended statistical community, including research findings, professional development, and funding opportunities.

• Creating and shaping policies of the ASA and professional communities regarding educational innovations.

If you are not yet a member but you are interested in discussing pedagogy, sharing resources, or shaping policies, join the Section on Statistical Education.


Section News

Announcement from the Chair: Pilot Mentoring Project

JSM Business Metting and Mixer Handout: Wed. August 3rd

Newsletter June 2016

ASA 2016 election results for our section

Revised Section Charter

Chair's welcoming message for 2016


Special Issues on Statistical Education

Special double issue of CHANCE (volume 28, #4): Nurturing Statistical Thinking Before College

Special issue of TAS (volume 69, #4): Statistics and the Undergraduate Curriculum


2016 GAISE update

Draft of revised GAISE college report


Statistical Education Section Speed Session Award

The first ever Speed Session Award given by our section was awarded for JSM 2015.

Winner: Paul Stephenson, Grand Valley State University, "Reinforcing Experimental Design with Activities"

Honorable Mention: Michael Posner, Villanova University, "Are Pie Charts Really So Bad?  An Experiment on Visualization"



Privacy Policy

Code of Conduct

Stats Ed JSM 2016 Presentations

(Contact your JSM session chair if you want your presentation posted here)

All authors have given permission for their presentations to be uploaded to our website. All copyrights remain with these authors.

Adhikari - Doing more with data

Andrews - Small college opportunities

BatesPrins - Doing & communicating about stats

Beyler - Health sciences journal clubs

BoehmVock - Doing & communicating about stats

Boomer - Small college opportunities

Broatch - Education analytics

Chance - Teaching with simulation-based inference

Chapman - Health sciences journal clubs

Delmas - Teaching with simulation-based inference

Dillard - Doing & communicating about stats

Frazier-LoFaro - Doing & communicating about stats

Genschel - Education analytics

Gould - Doing more with data

Healy - Health sciences journal clubs

Horton - Using R and RStudio

Hu - Small college opportunities

Imrey - Health sciences journal clubs

Loy - Small college opportunities

Maurer - Teaching with simulation-based inference

Morris-Ford - Doing & communicating about stats

Ndum - Education analytics

Phelps - Doing & communicating about stats

Pfenning - Health sciences journal clubs

Posner - Advancing statistical literacy

Rashid - Education analytics

Reyes - Small college opportunities

Rundel - Doing more with data

Simon - Health sciences journal clubs

Tintle - Teaching with simulation-based inference

vanEs-Weaver - Education analytics

Wagaman - Doing & communicating about stats

Ward - Doing more with data

West - Teaching with simulation-based inference

Woodard - Advancing statistical literacy



eCOTS 2016 Presentations

All presentations are now available online. The theme this year was “Changing with Technology."