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TSIG is a group of statisticians, transportation professionals, economists and analysts who want to champion the use of statistics in transportation research. TSIG is sponsored by the American Statistical Association, but one need not be a member of the ASA to join. No dues are charged. Please contact media.tsig@gmail.com or complete this form to join TSIG. And if you are a member of ASA, please consider signing our TSIG petition to become an ASA section.

TSIG members meet twice a year, at the Joint Statistical Meetings in August and at the Transportation Research Board meeting in January. They advocate for, and do research upon, the use of strong statistical methodology for the collection, dissemination, and analysis of transportation data.

Examples of TSIG concentration areas include, but not limited to: automobile safety, estimation of traffic flow, text analysis of incident reports, demand forecasting, fuel economy, survey methodology and survey analysis.  People who join TSIG will learn about important new data sets and upcoming data collection efforts, make contacts with researchers and funding officials working in this area, share innovative ideas to improve transportation statistics, and contribute to the growing visibility of transportation statistics as an important subfield within the statistics profession.

TSIG is affiliated with the Transportation Statistics Users Group (TSUG).


To improve the quality and utility of the work of experts in transportation statistics.


 To become a leading organization of experts involved in the application of statistical methods to transportation related issues.

 - In August 2011, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and the American Statistical Association revived the Transportation Statistics Interest Group that was originally founded in 2002.

- Current number of TSIG members ~300 

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Transportation Statistics Interest Business Meeting 

Tuesday, Aug 6, 2024: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM ASA Meetings and Events
Hyatt Regency Portland
Room: H-Columbia 2

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