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The Statistical Methods in Imaging Conference 2022

It is our great pleasure to announce that the 2022 Statistical Methods in Imaging (SMI) conference will be held on May 25–27, 2022, at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. We currently plan to host the conference in a hybrid format so that attendees can participatie online and/or on-site. This plan is subject to change since the COVID-19 pandemic may affect what is feasible.

The program, registration instructions, and other details will be posted on the conference website, at vumc.org/biostatistics/smi. Please save the dates!

SMI is the annual meeting of the ASA Statistics in Imaging section. It aims to gather together investigators working on methods and applications in a diverse array of imaging science areas, including neuroimaging, immunofluorescence imaging, and geospatial imaging. The conference includes a student paper competition and awardee presentations and will be conducted over three days with the following schedule:

Day 1: A half-day workshop or hackathon, a software demonstration session, and a poster session.

Days 2–3: Keynote addresses, oral presentation sessions, and collaborative case study sessions.

The SMI 2022 Organizing Committee welcomes your submissions of proposals for invited oral sessions and collaborative case study sessions. 

Invited oral sessions: Three speakers per session. Please include a session title, names and affiliations of the speakers, and titles of the talks.

Collaborative case study sessions: It is a long-standing SMI conference tradition to foster interaction and translational communication between statisticians and field collaborators by discussing particular applied problems in imaging science that have been addressed with innovative statistical strategies or call for new statistical methods. Please include a session title, titles of the talks, and the names and affiliations of 2–3 speakers. The session can feature either a multidisciplinary team of a statistician and their field collaborators, or 2–3 imaging scientists.

Please submit session proposals to smi.conference.2022@gmail.com, with “Invited Session” in the subject line. The submission deadline is January 7, 2022.

We look forward to seeing you at the SMI 2022 conference this May!

Best regards,

Simon Vandekar

on behalf of the SMI 2022 Organizing Committee



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