Article I: Name

The name of this organization is the Section on Statistics in Imaging (SI) of the American Statistical Association (ASA). We propose this as an inclusive ASA section to promote statistics and statisticians’ work in all areas of the imaging sciences.

Article II: Goals and Objectives

The goals of the SI will be to foster research, education and influence of statisticians on imaging science and associated applications. The principal objectives include:

  1. Increasing the influence of statistics and statisticians on imaging science and its associated areas of application.
  2. To produce a focal organization and meeting-place for statisticians working in imaging science and its associated areas of application.
  3. To introduce statisticians and students to modern problems in statistical imaging science and its associated areas of application.
  4. To organize statisticians for addressing key issues in imaging science.

Article III: Functions

The Section will perform functions that serve the goals and objectives listed in Article II. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Sponsorship, including joint sponsorship with other organizations, sessions at ASA meetings, sessions at imaging conferences, meetings, seminars and short-courses.
  2. Planning, in cooperation with the Program Committee of the ASA, sessions in national and Regional meetings of the ASA, IMS, IBS, ENAR and WNAR.
  3. Promotion of academic, translational and non-journal research in statistics in imaging sciences.
  4. Service as a resource for public and private agencies seeking assistance in these fields of interest.

Article IV: Membership

Any full member of the ASA may become a member of the Section by paying the associated dues. The membership year of any member in the Section shall coincide with the membership year in the ASA.

Article V: Officers

The officers, who must be members of the Section in accordance with Article IV, shall be:

  • Chair
  • Chair-Elect
  • Past Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Program Chair
  • Program Chair-Elect
  • Publications Liaison Officer
  • Representative(s) to the Council of Sections

Only the Chair-Elect and Program Chair-Elect are elected. The Chair-Elect and the Program Chair-Elect shall automatically succeed the Chair and the Program Chair, respectively, at the ends of their terms. The other officers are appointed by the Chair. The term of office for each of these positions shall be one year, except for the Secretary and Treasurer, whose terms shall be two years, and the Publications Liaison Officer, whose term shall be three years. All terms of office begin at the calendar year. The Secretary and Treasurer are appointed in alternate years. For each office, a second consecutive term is not permissible but an officer can hold a different office immediately after completing a term in one office.

The Section shall be represented on the ASA’s Council of Sections (COS) by at least one named representative appointed by the Chair. The number of Representatives and their terms shall be as specified by the Charter of the Council of Sections. When there is more than one Representative, their terms shall be staggered.

Article VI: Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Section shall consist of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Chair, Program Chair-Elect, Publications Liaison Officer, Representative(s) to the Council, and the immediate Past Chair of the Section. Except as specifically noted elsewhere in this charter, the Executive Committee has complete responsibility for managing the affairs of the Section. A quorum of the Executive Committee is a majority of its members, and its chair is the Chair of the Section.

Article VII: Nomination and Election

The Section Chair-Elect shall serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee. Two additional members of the Section, appointed by the Section Chair-Elect, shall serve on this committee. On or before the Association’s general deadline for nominations, the Section Nominating Committee shall submit to the Secretary of the Association and the Section Chair the names of at least two candidates for each position to be filled. In addition, any member of the Section nominated by a petition signed by at least 25 current members of the Section shall also appear on the annual ballot provided that the procedures specified in the Constitution of the Association have been followed.

Voting shall be by mail ballot, as part of the Association’s annual election of officers. If the office of Section Chair becomes vacant, the Section Chair-Elect shall become the Section Chair, with term extending through the following year. The Section Chair shall designate persons to fill vacancies in other offices or to serve as alternates on the Executive Committee, except that a person to fill a vacancy for Program Chair-Elect shall be designated by the Section Chair-Elect.

The Section Chair may nominate representatives to serve in other capacities. For example, upon request by the President of the Association, the Section Chair shall nominate representatives to serve as the Association’s liaison with external organizations involved with the subject of statistics in imaging.

Article VIII: Meetings

The Annual Business Meeting of the Section shall be held in conjunction with the Annual Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) and shall be announced in advance. Further business may also be conducted by email or teleconferencing.

An Executive Committee Meeting shall be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Association and shall be announced to members of the Executive Committee in advance of the Section Business Meeting. At least one additional Executive Committee Meeting shall be held each year.

Between business meetings, the management of the affairs of the Section shall be in the hands of the Executive Committee, subject to such standing rules as the business meeting shall from time to time provide.

Article IX: Dues

The schedule of dues for the Section shall be set each year by the Executive Committee.

Article X: Amendments

Amendments to this charter may be proposed by the Executive Committee or by a petition signed by at least 25 current members of the Section, provided that the procedures specified in the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws have been followed. A proposed amendment shall be submitted to the Council of Sections for approval and then submitted to the Section’s members for ratification. The ratification vote by the Section’s members will be conducted in conjunction with the Association’s annual election of officers.