Multiorganization Audit Statistics and Sampling (MASS) Symposium
Symposium Planning in Development.  Seeking Leadership Team Now.  Expect April  - June 2022 date.

The Multiorganization Audit Statistics and Sampling Symposium (Mass) 2022 will pool the talent and thought leadership of the leading statistical sampling practitioners – in advisory, academia, audit, assurance, consulting, compliance, strategy, regulatory, risk, and tax – for collaborating on sampling usages, training the generally accepted sampling principles training, industry problem solving of unique statistical cases, and streamlining guidance.    

The Symposium is open all professionals that develop, use, or manage audit statistics from federal auditors, state regulators, policy makers, computer audit specialist, internal auditors, department directors, statisticians, to regulators.

Abstract will be accepted until January 31, 2022 (tentative).  The following are the 2022 Sampling Mass themes:

  • Uniform and consistent tax sampling guidance possible
  • Common Misusages of Sampling
  • Difference between states’ sales and use tax sampling and federal tax sampling
  • Taxpayer Equity and Fairness Sampling Issues
  • What makes a sample hold up in audit?
  • Maturity Model of an Statistical Auditing Department
  • Legal Defense
  • Practical Application of Sample Size

The Multiorganization Audit Statistics and Sampling (MASS) Symposium is the one of the largest gatherings of audit sampling practitioners in the World.  It is jointly held and grew out of collaboration with and currently actively seeking support from the following professional organizations and societies.  (This symposium is in development and listing these organizations below does not imply current support but an effort to engage them for joint collaboration.) 

  • American Statistical Association's Statistical Auditing Group (Symposium Chair)
  • Washington Statistical Society – in collaboration with WSS members 
  • AICPA – reaching out for support
  • Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Chapters in FL, TX, WA, TN – current development of collaboration 
  • Rutgers University – seeking support
  • Multistate Tax Commission – reaching out for support, for streamlining initiative
  • University of Maryland Joint Survey Program – reaching out for support

MASS offers a singular opportunity for auditors, statisticians, tax professionals, sampling practitioners in industry, academia, and government to collaborate, promote uniformity, exchange ideas, and address trends in the practice.

Given the recent success of virtual symposiums during the COVID interim and to be mindful of resources, practically, of our colleagues in government organizations, this is a virtual symposium with an open, no fee, registration.

Because of its no fee registration, we are appreciative of having a single annual sponsor that offers to host the virtual symposium and provides continuing education credits to attendees.

2021 Technology and CPE Sponsor & Host: TBD

Five Reasons You Should Participate

  • Have your voice heard in the Annual Audit Statistics Mass Survey and get a copy
  • Stay On Top of The Latest Statistical Auditing Trends
  • Deepen Understanding of Audit Sampling Training
  • Network among fellow statistical auditors
  • Participate in a community of practice in statistical auditing