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Effective Research-Oriented Internships to Foster the Next Generation of Statisticians

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Abstract: Successful partnerships come in many forms, and in particular, statistical internships support the mission of collaboration, enhance both methodological and applied research, and may ultimately be stepping stones to fulfilling careers for a future generation of statisticians. 

Top 10 Tips for Getting Successful Statistical Internships

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Abstract: If you are a graduate or advanced undergraduate student in statistical sciences and related fields, these 10 tips may increase your likelihood of getting an internship. Once you have secured and completed an internship, it will be a valuable lifelong experience. 

Internships Make Such a Difference: The Experiences of Four Students

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Abstract: This articles features the internship experiences of these four students

Ruobin Gong, PhD Student, Harvard University

Tyler G. Kinzy and James P. Normington, Master’s Students, University of Minnesota

Steven Willke, Undergraduate Student, The Ohio State University

Bring Statistics to Policy Through Internships

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    Abstract: This month’s science policy guest columnist, Mary Gray, provides a path for younger members of the statistical community to plant the seeds for influencing policymaking. Gray describes various opportunities and benefits of internships, along with the legal aspects for ensuring a worthwhile experience. ~Steve Pierson, ASA Director of Science Policy