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When Academia Meets Industry Meets Government (October 2020)

John Kolassa interviews Ridha Ben Mrad, Nancy Reid and Dave Campbell about the Canadian experience of building statistical partnerships between academia, industry and government.

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A Recipe for Successful Collaborations

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During the 2015 Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) in Seattle, Washington, the American Statistical Association (ASA), through its Committee on Statistical Partnerships among Academe, Industry and Government (SPAIG) and several co-sponsors, highlighted cutting-edge collaborative projects through successful partnerships between academia, industry, and/or government organizations. Six distinguished statisticians, herein the “panel,” from various professional sectors offered valuable thoughts and advice on how statisticians may form vital collaborations across sectors. 

SPAIG Committee Seeks Collaboration

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    Big Data: This “catch phrase” seems to be taking the analytic world by storm. Do statisticians feel their contribution is being circumvented by the IT folks, and how do statisticians remain prominent players?

      Declining Response: Response rates to surveys are on a steep decline. Even our committee’s homegrown salary survey to our fellow statisticians has suffered an ever-decreasing response. No easy answers here?

      SPAIG Finds Statistical Community Slightly Shaken, Not Greatly Stirred Regarding Big Data

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      The statistics community is concerned about Big Data, convinced it is not just a passing fad, but sees no cause to get head over heels excited either. The folks who offered comments were somewhat more diverse, with remarks ranging from “no threat to statistics” to “disciplines will move on without our help.” Some comments noted Big Data provides “more opportunities (for statisticians)” and suggested that proactively “we should jump on the bandwagon in collaborating with other disciplines.”