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Join the SF Bay Area ASA Chapter

If you are not currently a member of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the American Statistical Association and would like to join, please send a check and a note with your name, address and email address to the Chapter Treasurer,KAthy Zhang, .
Dues for one year's general membership are $9.00 payable to ASA, Bay Area Chapter.  The membership fee is Tax Deductible. Student membership dues are $3.00 per year.  
Our announcements to members are delivered by email only; therefore, it is important to include your email address in your note to the Chapter Treasurer.  Members that change their email address should email their new email address to the Chapter webmaster, Cristina Tortora, so that they continue receiving our announcements

You may also join the local chapter when paying dues to the national organization. 

Posting Announcements 
If you have an announcement or other piece of information you would like to share with chapter members, you can post it at this web site.  There is no charge for this service for members of the San Francisco Bay Area ASA chapter, although any material is subject to certain constraints on space and content. (This means it can't be too long and it should be at least somewhat related to statistics or the Bay Area or both.) 
You can send items via e-mail to Dean Fearn, the webmaster, at