Past Programs

2015 Program



Slides and Handout from 36th Annual Institute on Research and Statistics


·       Cyclostationary Process with Missing Observations and a Multivariate T-distribution Error Process

·       A Proposed Approach for Constructing a Composite Performance Measure

·       Ischemic Stroke Patient Characteristics and Outcomes in California Hospitals

·       The Correlation of Marijuana, Alcohol, and Other Drug Use with Risky Driving Behavior

·       Comparing the Effects of Two Value-Based Purchasing Health Insurance Benefit Programs

·       The Quantitas Capital Approach to Portfolio Management

·       Role of Statisticians in BIG DATA World

·       Bayesian Statistics for Personalized Medicine


2014 program

Slides and Handout from 35th Annual Institute on Research and Statistics


·        Data on a Shoestring: Surveying California’s Women Veterans

·        Methods, Models and More: Recent Developments in SAS/STAT® Software

·        Ranking Influence in General Statistical Problems

·        Now You SeeIt, Now You Don’t: Using SeeIt to Compare Stacked Dotplots to Boxplots

·        Adapting the AHRQ Inpatient Mortality Indicators for Public Reporting in California

·        Regression Estimation of Covariance Matrix

2013 Program

2012 Program

2011 Program

2010 Program:

Slides and Handout from 31st Annual Institute on Research and Statistics

·      Current California Economic Outlook

·      Getting Started with ODS Statistical Graphics in SAS 9.2        

·      The Economy Today: What Our Measures Tell Us About The Current Recession

2009 Program

2008 Program

2007 Program

2006 Program

2005 Program:

Presentation by Daniel Smith, Ph.D. Overlapping confidence intervals are not a statistical test.

2003 Program:

visual aids

2002 Program