The primary purpose of the Orange County/Long Beach Chapter (OCLBASA) shall be to sponsor educational, professional, and scientific activities that benefit professional statisticians and students of statistics in the Orange County/Long Beach area. In parallel, this Chapter will devote itself to fostering the growth and development of the area’s statistical community and developing collaborative relationships with other scientific and educational organizations in the area. Furthermore, this Chapter will work to develop a greater level of statistical awareness in the general public. Finally, as a chartered member of the American Statistical Association (ASA), this Chapter shall share the purposes of the ASA, as defined in the Association's Constitution.

To view or download the Orange County/Long Beach Chapter's Constitution click here.  Also, see Mission Statements


2022 Orange County Biostatistics Symposium
Dear All,


After 2 years of hiatus, the OCLBASA is excited to get back to hosting the in-person Orange County Biostatistics Symposium. The symposium is currently scheduled for 14-15 Oct 2022 with Day 1 including keynote and invited speakers’ sessions and Day 2 including invited speaker sessions and a workshop. 

Since we had to cancel the 2020 Symposium close to the date of the event due to a global pandemic and the registration was complete at that time, I am happy to announce that all these registrations will be honored, and these registered attendees can attend the 2022 Symposium free of charge. The Symposium Committee has already sent an email with the details. 

The details of the Symposium can be viewed in the following link:


Registration is open for new attendees on the Eventbee portal. Please visit the below link to register:


The deadline for registration is October 10, 2022.

Gajanan Bhat

Chair, 2022 OC Biostatistics Symposium Committee


For more information on the focus of the symposium, you can listen to the podcast of interviews with Rob Scott, Symposium keynote speaker; Gajanan Bhat, Chair, and Xinping Cui, Co-Chair using the link below.

Rob Scott: What are a Clinician's Priorities for Data-driven Medicine?


Podbean: https://podofasclepius.podbean.com/e/s1-bonus-episode-rob-scott-what-are-a-clinician-s-priorities-for-data-driven-medicine/

Leveraging Data for Clinical Development & the OC Biostatistics Symposium

YouTube:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOzVKfStayg

Podbean: https://podofasclepius.podbean.com/e/s01-bonus-episode-leveraging-data-for-clinical-development-the-oc-biostatistics-symposium/

(It's also available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Podchaser.)

2021 OCLBASA Robert L. Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter 

The 2021 OCLBASA Robert L. Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter Awardee is...

Dr. Michael Fahy

Dr. Michael Fahy

Dr. Michael Fahy has been an active member of the chapter since 2012. Dr. Fahy may be considered a founding member of the chapter, as he has been instrumental in the chapter's progress and many successes. Michael Fahy is a computer scientist and a mathematician, and though he does not identify himself as a statistician, he continuously supports our statistical community in many ways.

Dr. Michael Fahy has been instrumental in the success of many of our events in the past eight years. He has continuously helped the chapter immensely, especially in helping the chapter have our significant events hosted at Chapman University. Without Dr. Fahy, we would not have had the opportunity to successfully hold events such as Careers' Day, the High School Statistics Poster Competition, and some of our quarterly meetings at Chapman University. Dr. Fahy has always generously given his time, access to resources, and his leadership skills to help the chapter succeed in our events. Dr. Fahy has been very supportive of all the events organized by the OCLBASA chapter. For that, we are genuinely grateful for his support of the chapter.

Dr. Fahy is also the reason Orange County has its own Data Fest. Though Data Fest is a college-hosted event, our chapter is an integral part of it, as it is an American Statistical Association event. Dr. Fahy has annually single-handedly organized Data Fest in the past years and is continuously leading this initiative.

Moreover, Dr. Fahy has consistently supported the chapter by promoting our events to the students and faculty at Chapman University and members of other organizations that he is also an active member and officer. His actions have provided our chapter with a growing number of members from academia and the industry.

For all these reasons, I believe that Dr. Michael Fahy has made significant and valuable contributions that genuinely embody the chapter concerning community development, career development, and academic development. Dr. Michael Fahy truly deserves to be the recipient of the 2021 OCLBASA Robert L. Newcomb's Fellow of the Chapter award. Congratulations, Dr. Michael Fahy! 


The Robert L. Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter Award was established in 2017 through the efforts of our most recent past president, Dr. Gajanan Bhat. The Fellow of the Chapter is named after the first president of the OCLBASA Chapter, Dr. Robert “Bob” L. Newcomb. The Robert L. Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter Award aims to recognize outstanding member contributions toward the Chapter’s Mission.

Below is a list of the past awardees of the Robert L. Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter:
1. Dr. Thomas Lin (awarded in January 2018)
2. Dr. Madeline Bauer (awarded in January 2019)
3. Mr. Harry Hiner (awarded in December 2019)
4. Dr. Gajanan Bhat (awarded in December 2020)
5. Dr. Michael Fahy (awarded in May 2022) 

OCLBASA Online Practice Interview Program
We are launching our Chapter's newest program: Online Practice Interviews. These interviews are based on the very popular mock interviews that have been available at the Chapter's annual Careers Day for several years. We are offering three kinds of interviews
  • An interview-based on one of three mock job descriptions (in Biostatistics, Business Analytics, and Data Science),
  • If an interviewee is seeking a specific position and can provide the associated job description, we shall work to arrange an online practice interview based on that job description.
  • If an interviewee is simply interested in one of a variety of professional roles in which statisticians are frequently employed and wants to learn more about the nature of that work, we shall work to arrange a conversation with someone with experience in at least one of those roles.
At this time, we have volunteer interviewers from Data Science, Biostatistics, Business Analytics, and Market Research.

If you can benefit from such an interview, please submit your request at

All Chapter activities are supported by volunteers. If you or someone you know would be willing to volunteer as an online practice interviewer, please have that person complete our Online Interview Volunteer Survey at



  • Winter Social (TBD)


Section on Biopharmaceutical Statistics

OCLBASA is proud to establish a new section that focuses on the activities involved with biopharmaceutical statistics in the Chapter.  The purpose of this section is to sponsor educational, professional and scientific activities as they relate to statistics, statistical analysis, and data science in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics, and other life science areas.  The Section will strive to collaborate with industry partners for the mutual benefit of exchanging knowledge and expertise and to bring awareness to the Chapter of the use of statistics and data science in these areas.

The Section consists of a Chair and a committee.  The composition of the current Committee is below:

Chair: Gajanan Bhat

Members: Thomas Lin, Xinping Cui, Jihao Zhou, Pamela Hsu, Kitty Guo, Weixin Yao 

Section on Statistical Education

The American Statistical Association (ASA) Section on Statistical Education states "This section is broadly interested in the effective use of education as a means of improving the quality of existing applications of statistics and increasing the use of statistics in those areas of study where it offers the most efficient procedure for attacking unsolved problems".

The Orange County/Long Beach Chapter Section on Statistical Education has been formed to offer an opportunity for Chapter members and others who share an interest in statistical education to interact with one another regarding this topic. Within the Chapter Section, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) will be formed to facilitate activities within a more focused topic area and thereby better serve the needs and interests of subgroups of statisticians and teachers of statistics in the Orange County/Long Beach area.

Special Interest Groups:
Teaching Statistics in High Schools
Teaching Statistics in Community Colleges
Teaching Statistics in Liberal Arts Colleges/Universities


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