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2020 Robert L. Newcomb Fellow of Chapter Award

The 2020 Robert Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter Award recipient is Dr. Gajanan Bhat. The award was given to Dr. Gajanan Bhat during the virtual OCLBASA Winter Meeting last December 14, 2020.

Gajanan joined the OCLBASA after he moved to California and was the President of the Chapter from July 2016 to June 2018. He serves as the Chair of Chapter Section on Biopharmaceutical Statistics since January 2018. Gajanan is very active in the Chapter and has made many contributions. He encouraged many people to join and get involved in the Chapter events and promoted regular and new events to raise interest and support from the statistical communities. He collaborates with people from universities and industries locally and nationally and has thus expanded the member base of the Chapter. Gajanan organizes the Orange County Biostatistics Symposium with local and national speakers with topics that are of interest and diverse. The event is very successful no matter the format is face-to-face or virtual, and the audience also extends beyond regular members. Gajanan’s passion and enthusiasm for the Chapter and statistical communities is worth recognition and he will continue to make OCLBASA better.


The Robert L. Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter Award was established in 2017 through the efforts of our most recent past president, Dr. Gajanan Bhat. The Fellow of the Chapter is named after the first president of the OCLBASA Chapter, Dr. Robert “Bob” L. Newcomb. The Robert L. Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter Award aims to recognize outstanding member contributions toward the Chapter’s Mission.

Below is a list of the past awardees of the Robert L. Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter:

1. Dr. Thomas Lin (awarded in January 2018)

2. Dr. Madeline Bauer (awarded in January 2019)

3. Mr. Harry Hiner (awarded in December 2019)

2018 The Robert L. Newcomb Fellow of Chapter
Congratulation to this year's winner...Madeline Bauer!

The Orange County Long Beach Chapter of the American Statistical Association (OCLBASA) established the Robert L. Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter in 2017, led by the efforts of its most recent past president, Gajanan Bhat. The award is named in honor of the founding president of the OCLBASA. The Robert L. Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter award recognizes a member’s outstanding contributions to realization of the chapter’s mission. Thomas Lin was named the first Robert L. Newcomb Fellow in January 2018.

On January 24, 2019, the chapter announced Madeline Bauer as the second Robert L. Newcomb Fellow. Madeline Bauer is a pioneer member of the OCLBASA—one of the core group that was instrumental in the establishment and success of the chapter. Madeline has been a member of the Leadership Council of the chapter since its inception. She is a great leader who leads by example.

Madeline is involved in many chapter activities every year. She has always been willing to do anything needed to help make the chapter activities successful.

Every year, Madeline has a key role in each of the three big events of the OCLBASA: High School Statistics Poster Competition, Careers Day, and DataFest.
She has contributed to the growth and
success of the High School Statistics Poster Competition, reaching out to teachers and students of statistics and to
chapter members participating as judges and volunteers. She has supported Careers’ Day in multiple capacities every year, including mentoring, resume
review, and logistics support. She also has dedicated considerable time to the DataFest event at Chapman University since its first year. At every event, she keeps an eye out for ways to make the subsequent year’s event even better.

Madeline has also been very actively involved in the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair and the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). She coordinated the statisticians who represented the local ASA chapters at the two most recent ISEF in Los Angeles and has helped to raise the profile of statistics at such events. Overall, she has been a great mentor for students, new statisticians, and the OCLBASA membership at large.

The statements above provide only a small glimpse into her dedication to the OCLBASA and the field of statistics. Madeline’s enthusiasm and hard work are exemplary, and she has always served as a role model to the other members of the chapter. Madeline is very good at bringing new ideas and challenges to the chapter, motivating everyone to do more to make the chapter events successful. For all of her contributions to the vision and mission of the chapter, the OCLBASA has named Madeline Bauer as the second Robert L. Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter.


Congratulations to Dr. Thomas Lin,
Recipient of the 1st Robert Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter Award!!

TThomas.JPGhomas is a founding member of the OCLB Chapter and served as president of the Chapter for 3 years and as an officer of the Chapter since its inception.  Thomas has served the Chapter in various capacities including all three areas of the Chapter’s mission.  Following is the summary of Thomas’s achievement and contributions to the Chapter and to the field of statistics in general.

Academic Development: Thomas received PhD in statistics and has been working in the field of statistics at various pharmaceutical companies until he retired in 2015. He has served in pharmaceutical companies primarily in the field of statistics and related functions of data management, programming, and medical writing in increasing capacity up to the Vice President of Biometrics at Allergan.  During this time, he was instrumental in developing and launching multiple drugs and pharmaceutical products. He is currently a consultant and teaches as a part-time lecturer at UCI.  He has mentored many statisticians while in industry and at academics. 

Career Development: Thomas has made great efforts in creating learning opportunities for many college students while teaching at university, working in industry, and at the Chapter’s academic and networking events. 

Community Development: As the President, founding member and an officer of the Chapter, Thomas’s contribution to the Chapter is numerous and invaluable.  During his time, he was successful in getting more membership to the Chapter, hosting various events to cater to the diverse membership from academic and industries.  He also has collaborated with other local chapters such as SCASA and SD ASA to create a comprehensive event driven environment. 

More importantly, Thomas is dedicated to the Chapter’s mission and always has the patience, motivation, passion and interest in the Chapter.  His attendance and voluntary service to the Chapter is invaluable and has made Chapter’s activities successful. He connects with Chapter committee and members, junior or senior well and provides valuable guidance to students as well as professionals.  For all of the above reasons, Thomas exemplifies the mission of the Chapter and is the recipient of the Robert Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter award.