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We are pleased to announce the 2023 Robert Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter award call for nominations!

This award was established in 2018, and since then, we have given this award to five recipients. You can see the announcement of the most recent recipient on our chapter's website ( ). As you know, the primary purpose of the Chapter is to sponsor educational, professional, and scientific activities that benefit professional statisticians and students of statistics in the Orange County/Long Beach area with the mission to promote activities related to statistics in the statistical community development, career development, and academic betterment. We conduct many events throughout the year to promote academic discussions and networking. We are pleased to announce that the Executive Committee and Leadership Council want to recognize a Chapter member who has contributed to the Chapter's mission. The Award Nomination Committee would like to solicit nominations from the Chapter members for the Robert Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter award. The eligibility, nomination, and selection criteria are detailed in the attached resolution. Please follow the procedure from the attached resolution while submitting a nomination.

Please include the following in your nomination communication to us:

Full Name of the Nominator:

Email address of the Nominator:

Full Name of the Nominee:

Rationale or Justification for the Nomination:

Due by March 31, 2023

Please send your nominations only to Khriss Toto Pacioles, Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee ( and Jihao Zhou, President of the Chapter (, who are also copied on this email, no later than March 31st. The 2023 Robert L. Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter Award recipient will be announced at our Q2 Meeting on April 28, 2023. 



Dear All,


After 2 years of hiatus, the OCLBASA is excited to get back to hosting the in-person Orange County Biostatistics Symposium. The symposium is currently scheduled for 14-15 Oct 2022 with Day 1 including keynote and invited speakers’ sessions and Day 2 including invited speaker sessions and a workshop. 

Since we had to cancel the 2020 Symposium close to the date of the event due to a global pandemic and the registration was complete at that time, I am happy to announce that all these registrations will be honored, and these registered attendees can attend the 2022 Symposium free of charge. The Symposium Committee has already sent an email with the details. 

The details of the Symposium can be viewed in the following link:

Registration is open for new attendees on the Eventbee portal. Please visit the below link to register:

The deadline for registration is October 10, 2022.

Gajanan Bhat

Chair, 2022 OC Biostatistics Symposium Committee


For more information on the focus of the symposium, you can listen to the podcast of interviews with Rob Scott, Symposium keynote speaker; Gajanan Bhat, Chair, and Xinping Cui, Co-Chair using the link below.

Rob Scott: What are a Clinician's Priorities for Data-driven Medicine?



Leveraging Data for Clinical Development & the OC Biostatistics Symposium



(It's also available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Podchaser.)


OCLBASA Summer Picnic 
July 16, 2021
Please RSVP at

OCLB ASA Q1 Meeting
May 22, 2020

Q3 Quarterly Social
September 20, 2019    6 PM -9 PM
at California State University, Fullerton

Orange County ASA Biostatistics Symposium

Title: Improving efficiency of drug and device developments through innovative designs

This symposium is a great opportunity to hear from leading statistical and clinical experts on the experience and practice of using innovative designs to improve efficiency in drug and device developments. The symposium focuses on current FDA thinking, recent updates to ICH guidelines such as master protocols, accelerated approval pathways, Bayesian and adaptive design strategies, biomarker-based drug approvals including case studies.

Who should attend:
Statisticians, Statistical Analysts/Programmers, Clinical Research Professionals, Clinical Trial personnel, Regulatory Affairs associates, anyone who is is interested in learning more about drug development and regulatory aspects.

Key speakers:
Janet Wittes (Statistics Collaborative); Narimon Honarpour (Amgen); Ulo Palm (Allergan); Paul Stone (Allergan); Amy Xia (Amgen); Larry Shen (Pharmapace); Dan Gillen (UCI)

- 8:00 AM – 12 Noon: Keynote Addresses and Panel Discussion
- 1 PM – 5 PM: Topic Presentations

For complete program, click here.

Details of the parking and instructions to enter the facility will be posted on 29 April 2019. Please visit the website then.

Registration Fees:
General Attendee - $80
Members of the ASA Chapters (OCLBASA and SCASA) - $60
(to become a member, please visit membership tab on OCLBASA home page)
Student Attendee - $10
Onsite admission (day of event) - $100

Q1 Quarterly Meeting

6:00 pm -9:00pm
Thursday, April 4, 2019 at Chapman University
More Info on the Meetup

High School Statistics Poster Competition
Saturday, April 6, 2019, at Chapman University

2018 Datafest

27-29 April, Chapman University

What Is ASA DataFestTM?

ASA DataFestTM is a data hackathon for undergraduate students, sponsored by the American Statistical Association and founded at UCLA, in 2011.  ASA DataFestTM at Chapman is hosted by the Schmid College of Science and Technology and Office of Residential Life.

Analyze ASA DataFestTM introduces you to what is likely the richest, most complex dataset you’ve seen so far in your undergraduate career. The dataset is provided by a real-life organization and is chosen to provide many avenues of discovery.  Students at any stage of their data science education will find something of interest and will have the opportunity to make an original finding.  Students from any major are welcome.

Network Mingle with data science professionals who visit DataFestTM to offer their advice and answer your questions.  You also get to meet students from other colleges and universities in southern California.

Experience Past participants of the ASA DataFestTM have gone to job interviews able to describe technical challenges overcome, explain how they work under time-pressure, and talk about their thoughts on solving real-life data problems.
More Info on Datafest 2018

High School AP Poster Competition

Saturday, 7 April 2018, Chapman University

Please share this post and help us spread the word and promote this amazing event for high school students!

Judges: R.S.V.P. here, register at, arrive by 11:30 a.m., and contact Heidi Gransar at if you have any questions

Students and Teachers: register at, arrive by 12:30 p.m., and contact Karen Beatty at if you have any questions.

OCLB ASA 2018 Q1 Quarterly Meeting

Date and Time: 22 March 2018, 5:30 – 8:30 PM

Venue: Duck Club, Irvine Water District (address: 15 Riparian View, Irvine, CA 92612)

Topic: Data Visualization and Graphics

The Q1 2018 OCLB ASA meeting will be held on 22 Mar 2018 at Duck Club, Irvine Water District (address: 15 Riparian View, Irvine, CA 92612).  From 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.  The focus of the meeting is Graphics and Data Visualization.  The meeting will have two topic presentation as below:

  • Topic 1: “Data Visualization”, Ash Pahwa, Founder of eAxiom Software and A+ Web Services
  • Topic 2: "Building a Better Dashboard Using Base SAS Software", Kirk Lafler, SAS® Consultant, Application Developer, Programmer, Educator and Author at Software Intelligence Corporation
  • Topic 3: "Downloading, Configuring and Using the Free SAS University Edition Software",
    Kirk Lafler & Charles Edwin Shipp, Consider Consulting Corporation

Light snack or pizza will be served at the meeting.  Please join us for an evening of statistics, networking and food.

2018 OCLB ASA Careers Day

Chapman University - Irvine Lecture Hall

OCLB ASA Winter Social and Academic Meeting

Date: Saturday, 20 Jan 2018, 5:30 to 9 PM

Location: Duck Club, Irvine, CA

You are cordially invited to the annual Winter Social Get Together, hosted by the ASA Orange County and Long Beach Chapter. Significant others are welcome. It will be a great opportunity to meet and network with fellow members. This event will include exciting talks given by two distinguished keynote speakers, related to statistics and the roles statistics and data science play within various industries. The evening will conclude with the presentation of our newly established Fellow of the Chapter award.


5:30 – 6:30 PM – Arrival, meet and greet, light dinner

6:30 – 6:45 PM – Welcome and Chapter Introduction - Gajanan Bhat, President of OCLB ASA

6:45 – 7:30 PM – Keynote address 1: “Role of Statistics in Pharmaceutical Industry”

Joseph Turgeon, President and CEO of Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Irvine, CA

7:30 – 8:15 PM – Keynote address 2: “Trends and Future Directions in Data Science at UCI and Beyond”

– Jessica Utts, Former President of ASA, Professor of Statistics, University of California, Irvine, CA

8:15 – 8:45 PM – Robert Newcomb Fellow of the Chapter Award

– Introduction and award ceremony – Gajanan Bhat, President of OCLB ASA

8:45 – 9:00 PM – Thank You – Francis Lai, Vice President, OCLB ASA

Please RSVP at

ASA 2017 Traveling Course

Time and Date:
8:30 - 12:30 AM, 21 Oct 2017

Venue: California State University, Fullerton, McCarthy Hall, Room 121

Topic: Quantile Regression in Practice (half-day course)

Instructor: Yonggang Yao, SAS Institute Inc.

Quantile regression is a modern statistical methodology for modeling quantiles of a response variable conditional on explanatory covariates. Whereas linear regression models the conditional mean, quantile regression enables you to more fully explore your data by modeling the conditional quantiles, such as the median and the 5th and 95th percentiles. Accordingly, you can use quantile regression to study covariate-adjusted high-end or low-end responses without making assumptions about the distribution profiles. Quantile regression is particularly useful when your data are heterogeneous, or when you cannot assume a parametric distribution for the response. Furthermore, you can fit quantile regression models for the entire quantile level range in (0,1), called quantile process regression, to estimate the entire conditional distribution of your response. Common application areas for quantile regression include market analysis, economics, environmental studies, and health science---in fact, almost any field of applications for traditional regression modeling.

This tutorial provides an overview quantile regression methodology, with carefully chosen examples from a variety of fields, including treatment effect analysis, uncertainty measurement, value-at-risk analysis, and extreme value analysis. The presentation is appropriate for data analysts and statisticians who are interested in more flexible methods for heterogeneous data analysis. Familiarity with linear regression, histograms, and basic distribution functions is assumed.

About the Instructor: Yonggang Yao is a principal research statistician developer at SAS. He joined SAS in 2008 after receiving a PhD degree in statistics from The Ohio State University. His research interests are in applications on quantile regression, robust regression, and statistical learning. He has developed two SAS procedures, PROC QUANTSELECT and PROC HPQUANTSELECT for quantile regression model selection in standard and distributed computing environments. He is also the key supporting developer for two other SAS procedures, PROC QUANTREG for quantile regression and PROC ROBUSTREG for robust regression. He has given short courses on quantile regression at SAS Global Forum, the Joint Statistical Meetings, and other statistical meetings.

RSVP at the following link

OCLB ASA 2017 Q3 Quarterly Meeting

Date and Time: 22 Sep 2017, 5:30 – 9 PM

Venue: Duck Club, Irvine Water District (address: 15 Riparian View, Irvine, CA 92612)

Topic: Statistical Graphics and Data Visualization

The Q3 OCLB ASA meeting will be held on Friday, 22 Sep 2017 at Duck Club, Irvine Water District (address: 15 Riparian View, Irvine, CA 92612). From 5:30 PM to 9 PM. The focus of the meeting is Statistical Graphics and Data Visualization. The meeting will have two topic presentation as below:

  • Claudine Jaenichen, Chapman University, Evidence-based Design Practices
  • Charlie Liu, Allergan, High-quality figures for publication purposes
  • Isabella Ghement, PhD, Ghement Statistical Consulting Company, Ltd, Harnessing the power of the ggplot2 ecosystem for data visualization in R

Light snack or pizza will be served at the meeting. Please join us for an evening of statistics, networking and food. Please RSVP via OCLBASA's Meetup page using the below link: