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Student Paper Award Winners

Each winner receives a certificate and cash award at JSM.

2023 Student Paper Award Winners

  • Manuel Muller, University of Cambridge
  • Rong Tang, UIUC
  • Qi Zhang, Penn State University

Other finalists:

  • Qi Xu, UC Irvine
  • Yichi Zhang, NCSU
  • Yidong Zhou, UC Davis

In addition, Manuel Muller won the best presentation award.

2022 Student Paper Award Winners

  • Satarupa Bhattacharjee, University of California, Davis
  • Jinming Li, University of Michigan
  • Waverly Wei, University of California, Berkeley

Other finalists:

  • Peter Macdonald, University of Michigan
  • Ziyue Wang, Rutgers University
  • Hyemin Yeon, Iowa State University

In addition, Waverly Wei won the best presentation award.

2021 Student Paper Award Winners

  • Zhaoxue Tong, Pennsylvania State University
  • Yangfan Zhang, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Yuqian Zhang, University of California San Diego

Other finalists:

  • Joshua Agterberg, Johns Hopkins University
  • Shijie Cui, Pennsylvania State University
  • Danielle C. Tucker, University of Illinois Chicago

In addition, Joshua Agterberg won the best presentation award.

2020 Student Paper Award Winners

  • Jiayi Wang, Texas A&M University
  • Weijing Tang, University of Michigan
  • Yaqing Chen, University of California, Davis

Other finalists:

  • Kwangho Kim, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Yusha Liu, Rice University

2019 Student Paper Award Winners

  • Chixiang Chen, Penn State University
  • Cheng Meng, University of Georgia
  • Brian Williamson, University of Washington

Other finalists:

  • Didong Li, Duke University
  • Yunan Wu, University of Minnesota

In addition, Cheng Meng won the best presentation award. Here is a picture of the three winners with section chair Runze Li.

2018 Student Paper Award Winners

  • Xiaowu Dai, University of Wisconsin - Madison, "Optimal estimation in functional ANOVA models with derivatives"
  • Paromita Dubey, University of California, Davis, "Frechet analysis of variance for random objects"
  • Jingshen Wang, University of Michigan, "Inference on average treatment effect with repeated data splitting in high dimensions"

Other finalists:

  • Xinlian Zhang, University of Georgia, "Bayesian spline smoothing with ambiguous penalties"
  • Xinyi Zhang, University of California, Berkeley, "Supervised principal component regression for functional data with high-dimensional predictors"

In addition, Jingshen Wang won the best presentation award.

2017 Student Paper Award Winners

  • Youjin Lee, Johns Hopkins University, "Nonparametric network dependence testing by diffusion maps"
  • Tianxi Li, University of Michigan, "Network cross-validation by edge sampling"
  • Daniel Kowal, Cornell University, "Functional autoregression for sparsely sampled data"

Other finalists:

  • Xiaoxiao Sun, University of Georgia, "Optimal penalized function-on-function regression under a reproducing kernel Hilbert space framework"
  • Yifan Cui, UNC-Chapel Hill, "Tree based weighted learning for estimating individualized treatment rules with censored data"
  • Rui Li, NC State, "Bayesian nonparametric variable selection for optimal treatment decisions"

In addition, Rui Li won the best presentation award.

2016 Student Paper Award Winners

  • Scott Bruce, Temple University, "Nonparametric distributed learning architecture: Algorithm and application"
  • Yuan Zhang, University of Michigan, "Estimating network edge probabilities by neighborhood smoothing"
  • Lingxue Zhu, Carnegie Mellon University, "A two-sample test for high-dimensional covariance matrices via sparse principal component analysis"

Other finalists:

  • Xiongtao Dai, University of California at Davis, "Healthy birth, growth and development knowledge integration (HBGDki) community: Optimal Bayes classifiers for functional data and density ratios"
  •  Shun Yao, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Testing mutual independence in high dimension via distance covariance"
  •  Raanju Ragavendar Sundararajan, Texas A&M University, "Nonparametric change-point detection in multivariate nonstationary time series"

In addition, Raanju Sundararajan won the best presentation award.

2015 Student Paper Award Winners

  • Yakuan Chen, Columbia University, "Variable selection in functional-on-scalar regression"
  • Naveen Naidu Narisetty, University of Michigan, "Extreme notion of depth for functional data"
  • Ashley Petersen, University of Washington, "Fused LASSO additive model"

2014 Student Paper Award Winner

  • Molly Davies, UC-Berkeley, "A new approach to variance estimation for time-ordered dependent data".

2014 Student Paper Award Winners

  • Erin Austin, University of Minnesota, "A new semiparametric approach to finite mixture of regressions using penalized regression via fusion"
  • Prabhani Kuruppumullage, Pennsylvania State University, "Model-based block clustering with EM algorithm"
  • Lu Mao, University of North Carolina, "Maximum likelihood estimation in semiparametric transformation models for the cumulative incidence of competing risks"
  • Rajarshi Mukherje, Harvard University, "Hypothesis testing for sparse binary regression"
  • Simeng Qu, Purdue University, "Likelihood ratio tests for functional linear regression models"

2013 Student Paper Award Winners

  • Karl Gregory, Texas A&M, "A two-sample test for equality of means in high dimension"
  • Yeonwoo Rho, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Inference for locally stationary time series regression models"
  • Srinath Sampath, Ohio State University, "How stable are top choices over time? An investigation into preferences among popular baby names in the United States"

This is the picture taken at the Nonparametrics Section business meeting, JSM 2013: (from left to right) Section Chair Jianqing Fan, the student paper award committee chair Richard Samworth, and three winners Karl Gregory, Yeonwoo Rho, and Srinath Sampath.

2012 Student Paper Award Winners

  • Seonjin Kim, Penn State University, "Quantile regression for time-varying coefficient longitudinal model"
  • Chen-Yen Lin, NC State University, "Variable selection for nonparametric quantile regression via smoothing spline ANOVA"
  • Xianyang Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Two-sample inference for temporally dependent functional data"

2011 Student Paper Award Winners

  • Raymond K. W. Wong, University of California at Davis, "Robust estimation of generalized additive models"
  • Gongjun Xu, Columbia University, "A general framework for sequential and adaptive methods in survival studies"
  • Qing Wang, Penn State University, "Topics in U-statistics and risk estimation"

2010 Student Paper Award Winners

  • Yeojin Chung, Penn State University
  • Kai Ding, University of North Carolina
  • Subhadeep Mukhopadhyay, Texas A&M University

Journal of Nonparametric Statistics (JNPS) Paper Awards

2015 JNPS Best Paper Award winners:

  • Regular paper winner: A K-fold averaging cross-validation method by Yoonsuh Jung and Jianhua Hu.
  • Student paper winner: Sufficient dimension folding for a functional of conditional distribution of matrix- or array-valued objects by Yuan Xue and Xiangrong Yin

2014 JNPS Best Paper Award winners

  • Camila P.E. de Souza, supervised by Nancy E. Heckman, "Switching nonparametric regression models," published in Volume 26, Issue 4, 2014.

2013 JNPS Best Paper Award winners

  • Huan Wang, supervised by Mary C. Meyer and Jean D. Opsomer, "Constrained spline regression in the presence of AP(p) errors", published in volume 24.4, 2012, 1019-1039.

2012 JNPS Best Paper Award winners

  • Paola Gloria Ferrario, supervised by Harro Walk, "Nonparametric partitioning estimation of residual and local variance based on first and second nearest neighbours", published in volume 25.4, 2013, 809-827.

2011 JNPS Best Paper Award winners

  • Melanie Birke, Holger Dette, and Kristin Stahljans, "Testing symmetry of a nonparametric bivariate regression function", published in volume 23.2, 2011, 547-565.
  • Taeryon Choi, Jian Q. Shi, and Bo Wang, "A Gaussian process regression approach to a single-index model", published in volume 23.1, 2011, 21-36.

2011 JNPS Best Student Paper Award winner

  • Samis Trevezas and Nikolaos Limnios, "Exact MLE and asymptotic properties for nonparametric semi-Markov Models", published in volume 23.3, 2011, 719-739.

2010 JNPS Best Paper Award

  • Raymond J. Carroll, Xiaohong Chen and Yingyao Hu, "Identification and inference in nonlinear models using two samples with nonclassical measurement errors".