Past conferences

Conference on Statistical Learning and Data Science / Nonparametric Statistics, 2018

The conference was held at Columbia University from June 4-6, 2018.  Topics included big data analytics, classification, computational biology, covariance estimation, graphical models, high dimensional data, learning theory, model selection, network analysis, precision medicine, and signal and image processing.  The plenary speakers were Michael I. Jordan (University of California, Berkeley), Liza Levina (University of Michigan) and David Madigan (Columbia University), and the banquet speaker was Cathy O’Neil (ORCAA). The conference was co-organized with the Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science (SLDS).

Nonparametric Statistics Workshop: Integration of Theory, Methods and Applications

The main goal of the workshop was to bring together researchers who are interested in the development of nonparametric theory and methods or innovative applications from different sub-fields of statistics for stimulating interactions. Plenary lectures were given by Peter Bickel, Raymond Carroll, David Ruppert and Jane-Ling Wang.