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Educational Ambassadors (EAs)

A fund in memory of Martha Aliaga, former ASA director of education who created the Educational Ambassador Program
with the Committee on International Relations in Statistics, helps support this program. Martha was passionate about
statistical education and international outreach. We remember and honor her extensive contributions to enhance statistics
education globally with this program.
Read more about Martha, her life, and her legacy.

The Educational Ambassador Program is an American Statistical Association (ASA) outreach effort launched in 2005 by the late Martha Aliaga and the Committee on International Relations in Statistics (CIRS) to foster international collaboration and enhance statistics education worldwide. Each year, the program funds one ambassador from a country with demonstrated need, where there is  a clear benefit to the country (often but not exclusively a developing country) to attend Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) and to take continuing education (CE) courses in emerging areas of research. Candidates are required to have a postgraduate degree (PhD preferred but not required) in biostatistics or statistics and an interest in teaching and disseminating information. After attending CE courses, within the next year, the Educational Ambassador will teach and disseminate information in their country and/or region related to the subject matter covered in at least one CE course to at least 10 students.

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Developing Country Resident Membership
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ASA membership is available to residents of economically developing countries as designated by the World Bank.
Members from the designated developing countries will receive online subscriptions to Amstat News, Significance
and Chance magazines; online access to ASA’s Journals and the Current Index to Statistics; ASA Member News;
and significant discounts on meetings, products, continuing education courses.