Call for Submissions: Journal for Survey Statistics and Methodology

Special Issue: Survey Research from Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean

Guest Editors:  Carolina Franco, Mamadou Diallo, Sunghee Lee, Denise Britz do Nascimento Silva

The Journal for Survey Statistics and Methodology seeks submissions for a special issue on survey research from Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean

Survey research stands to benefit from examining the richness of applications, ideas, and contributions from investigators around the world.  This issue aims to highlight work from locations that are typically underrepresented in JSSAM and other leading journals.  In keeping with the theme of the special issue, it is desirable for at least one of the authors in a submission to be working in one of the regions covered, and applications must use data primarily from these regions. The issue will showcase interesting survey papers from various countries.  

We seek papers from the targeted regions on the usual topics covered in the journal.   These include papers on Survey Statistics, Survey Methodology, and Applications.  The Survey Statistics section presents papers on innovative sampling procedures, imputation, weighting, measures of uncertainty, small area inference, new methods of analysis, and other statistical issues related to surveys. The Survey Methodology section presents papers that focus on methodological research, including methodological experiments, questionnaire design and testing, methods of data collection, interviewer effects, nonresponse and recruitment protocols, responsive designs, new data sources, and use of paradata. The Applications section contains papers involving innovative applications of methods and providing practical contributions and guidance, and/or significant new findings.  In addition to the general topics above, the issue also seeks papers on survey methods and statistics in multinational, multiregional, and multicultural contexts, and on capacity building efforts. 

Submissions to the special issue are welcomed through August 16, 2024. Upon submission manuscripts will be peer-reviewed in accordance with standard journal practice and will be published online soon after acceptance.

 Electronic copies of the manuscripts should be uploaded at following the manuscript preparation instructions. To ensure consideration in the special issue, authors must include a cover letter that clearly states that the manuscript has been submitted for consideration for the special issue on “Survey Research from Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean.”  Queries about this special issue should be directed to Carolina Franco at

Announcements List

  • Nine MHSS members become ASA Fellows

    This year, nine MHSS members were selected to become ASA fellows. We congratulate

    • Hongyuan Cao
    • Guoqing Diao
    • Birol Emir
    • Tanya Pamela Garcia
    • Samiran Ghosh
    • Douglas D. Gunzler  
    • John Kornak
    • Michelle Shardell
    • Min Zhang

    Please join us in congratulating them on this accomplishment. There will be a special acknowledgement of these members at the Mental Health Statistics Section Mixer (co-hosted with the Heath Policy Statistics Section) at JSM.