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FY23 NIH, NSF, and AHRQ Budget Developments


The Biden Administration is expected to release its FY23 budget request by March 31 2022. I will be filling in information as I become aware of it. This blog entry will track FY21 appropriations developments for NIH, NSF, and AHRQ and so will be updated accordingly. (See log updates below.) To receive notifications of updates, follow ASA Science Policy on Twitter: @ASA_SciPol. See also AAAS initial summary.

​Because this blog entry covers everything from the budget request to the final determination of the budget, it can become quite long. To help with that, I'll try to partition the blog entry:

  • NSF Division of Mathematical Sciences Table
  • Update log

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      FY17  FY18  FY19  FY20  FY21  FY22    Request    % increase
(vs. FY22)
 House   Senate   Conference  % change 
  NIH   34.229  37.084 39.084 41.684  42.394 44.65 49.04 9.8 47.5 47.959
   AHRQ  324 334 338 338 338 350 376 7.4 385 385


NSF 7.472 7.767 8.075 8.278 8.487 8.84  10.49  19 9.63 10.34

Latest Action: *Subcommittee mark-up; **Committee mark-up; ***Passed the Floor 

For the NSF Division of Mathematical Sciences the FY13-FY21 and FY22 Request numbers are

         FY13    FY14    FY15    FY16   FY17  FY18  FY19   FY20   FY21   FY22   FY23 request  
          DMS   $219 M  225   236  234 233.5 237.7  237.0  244.1 243 247.5 259.5

 Updates (and sources):

News on budget developments
  1.  3/28/22: NIH and AHRQ request levels:
  2. 3/28/22: NSF
  3. 6/23/22: House NSF:; NIH & AHRQ:
  4. 8/23/22: Senate NIH and AHRQ:; NSF:

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