Michael Dumelle, PhD

Michael is a statistician for the Freshwater Ecology Branch of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, primarily working on National Aquatic Resource Surveys. His main research interests lie in environmental survey design and analysis, spatial statistics, and spatio-temporal statsitics. He also enjoys applying statistical methodology to collaborative work in a variety of other scientific fields.


Lan Xue, PhD

Lan is a Professor in the Statistics Department at Oregon State University. Her research interests include nonparametric curve estimation, polynomial spline smoothing, model selection, time series analysis, and clustered/longitudinal data analysis. Lan has provided many years of service to the University and the profession. Lan enjoys teaching and working with students. She also enjoys the discovery of new ways to analyze and learn from data and working collaboratively with subject-matter scientists.


Erin Chapman

Erin is a software engineer at Tektronix who has a background in mathematics, data science and computer science. Currently her statistical interests and work all lie after hours. Her current project involves trying to create spatial models for how toddlers say the essential signs in American Sign Language so their caregiver can understand what they need. Valor is an expert in temporal relationships, particularly between alert times and scratches.


Yuan Jiang 

Yuan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics at Oregon State University. He mainly works on developing novel statistical methods with application to biological research. His methodological research includes network analysis, data integration, variable selection, etc., and his applied work focuses on GWAS, RNA-seq, microbiome, and metabolomics data analysis. Yuan also regularly collaborates with scientists from other fields, such as chemistry, forestry, and microbiology. In addition to research, Yuan enjoys teaching, advising, and interacting with students. He has also been serving in different roles to the university, the profession, and the public.