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Our Objective

The objective of the Section is to promote and support the development, application and appropriate use of statistical methods for design and analysis of lifetime data and time-to-event data, including analysis of time-to-event data with censoring, truncation and competing risks, counting processes, multi-state, multiple or clustered events, and longitudinal biomarker histories, and quality-of-life models, including

  • Supporting the development of new methods
  • Identifying new areas of application and appropriate use
  • Fostering interdisciplinary research in areas such as biomedical research, finance, economics, imaging, engineering, genomics and genetics

In pursuing these objectives, the Section will work closely and coordinate with other sections of the Association whenever appropriate.  In particular, the Section shares interests with other sections in the following areas:

  • The analysis of observational and experimental data involving humans
  • Evaluation of therapeutic interventions on chronic disease processes
  • Dealing with diverse administrative data sources
  • Modeling dynamic phenomenon in business, industry, sociology and other fields
  • Publication of research developments and results
  • Organization of educational programs for statisticians and researchers working in these areas

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