MBMA Sub-Group

Welcome And Introduction of MBMA Sub-SIG:

The MBMA Sub-SIG is a sub-group within the Statistics and Pharmacometrics Insterest Group (SxP SIG). Its goal is to promote Model-Based Meta-Analysis and its application in drug development, to raise awareness and interest, and support the education of Pharmacometricians in MBMA.

Please join us if you are interested in contributing or learning more about MBMA! Just send us an email at: MBMAsig@gmail.com.


Marion Bouillon-Pichault, Senior Principal Scientist, Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Matt Zierhut, Scientific Director, Statistics & Decision Sciences, Janssen Pharmaceutical


  • Create and maintain a forum for communication and collaboration between scientists interested in MBMA
    • Facilitate interactions between subject matter experts
    • Interaction with software developer to create “fit-for-purpose” application/toolboxes
  • Promote research and train practitioners.
    • Develop courses to educate the Pharmacometrics community and raise awareness in Academia
    • Methodological research (ex: combining Individual Patient Data and Aggregate-level data, MBMA of survival…)
    • Propose some recommendations for best practices in MBMA
  • Increase awareness and promote MBMA to increase its utility and impact in drug development
    • Build bridges with pharmacometricians, statistician, epidemiologist, clinicians, HEOR, etc.
    • Interactions with regulatory agencies and academics


The current vision of the MBMA Sub-SIG roadmap consists of five key workstreams.

  1. Software: Maintaining current documentation of available MBMA-related tools and developing specialized tools to streamline MBMA analyses.
  2. Methodologies: Documenting wide range of MBMA methodologies in published literature and presentations, and preparation of a best practices document to guide future analysts.
  3. Education: Develop, maintain, and promote training materials to educate pharmacometricians, statisticians, and senior leaders about MBMA methodologies and applications.
  4. Awareness: Promoting the benefits of MBMA within and beyond Pharmacometricians and Statisticians by engaging in industry outreach and organizing regular discussions on MBMA-related topics.
  5. Website: Developing and maintaining a website to facilitate the objectives of the MBMA Sub-SIG.

 We are looking for individuals who would be interested in contributing to these workstreams or could even propose additional workstream topics.