Posters that won the SCASA Regional Competition in 2022 (our category is Grades 10-12 only):  1st place    2nd place    3rd place   4th place    5th place
The posters that won the ASA National Competition in 2022 (in all categories, Grades K-12): link


We are pleased to announce The SCASA 2023 Regional Statistics Data Visualization Poster Competition for students in Grades 10-12. Students should submit a photo/image file of a physical poster or a PDF file containing a single slide with their digital poster. 

Registration fee: none
Submission deadline: Friday, March 17, 2023, 11:59:00 PM

  • What are the requirements for my poster? Download Poster Instructions.pdf
  • What are the competition rules? Download Competition Rules.pdf
  • How to register for the competition? Download Registration Form.pdf
  • Where should I send my registration form and poster? Please email all the materials to Rebecca Le at
Cash Prizes:
First place: $200
Second place: $150
Third place: $100
Fourth place: $50
Fifth place: $50

Everyone will receive a certificate of participation. The best five posters will be submitted to the American Statistical Association (ASA) Data Visualization Poster Competition in May 2023 (more information about this national-level competition is here).

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Le at

  • 2022  Kriselle Madamba, Allain Perez, and Senai Seifu, Sato Academy for Mathematics and Science (grade 12),  Long Beach, "A Musical Composition that Motivates the Basketball Team"

  • 2021  Beverly To and Jessie Yu, Mark Keppel High School (grade 12), Alhambra, "How do the effects of California wildfires in 2020 Compare to Previous Years' Wildfires?"