Article I. NAME

The name of this organization is the Isolated Statisticians of the American Statistical Association (hereafter called the Subgroup).


The Subgroup exists to support statistics educators, primarily at small colleges and universities, who teach in relative isolation (such as being the only statistician in a college mathematics department) and to provide visibility to this alliance. The Subgroup does not define “relative isolation”, leaving this to individuals to define for themselves. The Subgroup seeks to enhance the professional lives of statistics educators who do not enjoy the benefits that typically derive from membership in a statistics department, and through this professional support to improve the quality of education of statistics students.

The Subgroup will engage in activities appropriate to the pursuit of the goals set forth above including, but not limited to:

  • Organization of meetings during the Joint Statistics Meetings.
  • Dissemination of information on teaching materials, job openings, internship possibilities for students, and new developments in statistical education.


Membership in the Subgroup is open to anyone, including non-ASA members. [If the ASA Board requires that we limit membership to ASA members, then we will ask that we be allowed to accept as affiliate members persons who are practicing statisticians with an interest in statistics education, but who may not be ASA members.]


The Subgroup will not charge dues, nor will it have a budget.


The officers of the Section shall be the Convenor and the List Keeper. The Convenor is the chief officer of the Subgroup and is responsible for organizing annual meetings held during JSM, as well as for other duties that typically fall to the chair of an organization. The List Keeper shall maintain a list of the membership and an electronic discussion forum for the Subgroup. [If the ASA Board requires that we limit membership to ASA members, then we will amend this to ' for the Subgroup and for non-ASA affiliates of the Subgroup’.]


The Convenor shall serve a three-year term. The Convenor shall nominate one or more persons as successor, before the current Convenor’s third convened meeting, with a vote taken by those present at the third convened meeting (at JSM) to elect the next Convenor. The List Keeper shall serve an indefinite term and shall nominate one or more candidates as successor, with a vote taken at the next business meeting of the Subgroup (at JSM).


The annual business meeting of the Subgroup shall be held during the Joint Statistics Meetings. The officers may also conduct business with members of the Subgroup by email or other electronic means between meetings.


Amendments to this Charter may be proposed by the officers or by a petition signed by at least 10 members of the Subgroup. An amendment originating by petition shall be referred to the Convenor, who shall consult with the petitioners about final wording of the proposed amendment and then announce it to the membership of the Subgroup. All proposed amendments shall be submitted to the members of the Subgroup for vote at the next annual business meeting. If approved by a majority of the members voting, the amendment shall take effect immediately. A copy of the amendment shall be filed with the Secretary of ASA.