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The 39th ASA Quality & Productivity Research Conference (QPRC-2023)

  • 1.  The 39th ASA Quality & Productivity Research Conference (QPRC-2023)

    Posted 18 days ago

    The 39th American Statistical Association (ASA) Quality and Productivity Research Conference (QPRC) will be held June 6-8, 2023, in Houston, TX at the University of Houston. The purpose of this conference is to improve the quality of products and services and the productivity of industries by stimulating the research and development of better statistical methods for quality and productivity improvement. The 2023 conference theme is "Statistics, Deep Learning & the People Side of Process."

    The conference will honor Dr. Nicole Radziwill, SVP Quality & Strategy – Ultranauts Inc. (formerly Ultra Testing), who will give a talk about the latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), the productivity improvements that are already being observed, the bias and data poisoning that can threaten even the best of models, and a unique story that will make you question the emerging nature of AI reality.

    Conference registration begins in February 2023. For an additional registration fee, two half-day courses will be delivered in series (separated by a lunch break) before the conference on June 5, 2023. Course 1 entitled "Machine Learning-based Process Modeling and Monitoring" will be given by Dr. Ying Lin from the University of Houston, and course 2 entitled "Fair Machine Learning in Healthcare" will be given by Dr. Na Zou from Texas A&M University.

    An important objective of the QPRC is to encourage student participation. Scholarships for participation in the conference include the Mary G. and Joseph Natrella Scholarships and QPRC student scholarships.

    For up-to-date information about the conference program, short courses, registration, scholarships, and hotel information, please visit the conference website at

    To submit a contributed paper for the 2023 QPRC, please send the session title, authors names, and a 50-word (maximum) abstract to Mr. John Terrell at jaterrel@Central.UH.EDU.

    Questions about the conference can be emailed to Dr. Jamison V. Kovach at

    Emmanuel Yashchin
    Research Statistician
    IBM Corporation