Your Chapter's Web Presence

ASA encourages each chapter to have a web presence that is updated regularly with information for its members. ASA will help each chapter create a "microsite for its web presence.


Through the ASA Community, ASA groups can create their own “microsites.” Microsites have the same look and functionality as regular websites, but they are much easier to update and maintain. No knowledge of web coding or special software is needed. Persons with admin privileges have access to an interface that makes updating a microsite as easy as updating a MS Word document. This Council of Chapters website is in fact a microsite. Many ASA groups are utilizing this option.

If interested contact the ASA Chapters Liaison. ASA has a chapter microsite template that will be modified with your chapter’s information. ASA staff will work with you to tweak the template to fit your chapter’s needs and provide training on maintaining and updating the microsite.

Here are a couple of examples of ASA chapters already using microsites for their web presence:

Chicago Chapter

Kansas-Western Missouri Chapter