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The purpose of this caucus is to promote statistics and data science in the private and public sectors and to provide resources for industry statisticians and data scientists to successfully advocate for the discipline. In particular, the caucus will do the following:


  1. Promote the statistics profession in the private and public sectors
  2. Assist private and public entities employing statisticians and data scientists
  3. Provide a venue for discussion of issues affecting statisticians and data scientists working in the private and public sectors
  4.  Facilitate interaction between private and public sector leaders
  5. Identify and collect data that are helpful in dealing with work and employment, and function as a repository for such data
  6. Arrange a yearly meeting of the members of the Caucus of Industry Representatives (CIR)
  7. Arrange a yearly workshop for members of CIR


The members of the caucus will be statisticians and data scientists who are willing to support and advance the purpose of the caucus. This will include the leaders of statistics and data science groups as well as statisticians and data scientists who are the only statistician (or one of two or three) in their organization.

Individuals interested in joining CIR should complete this form.

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