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Statistical consulting is the most challenging and most rewarding part of statistics. A consultant uses the art and science of statistics to solve a practical problem. Problems come from many different fields, e.g. marketing, product design, manufacturing, medicine, agriculture, or genetics, but many of us specialize in just a few application areas. Some consultants work at universities or medical centers, some work in industry, and many run their own business. Good consulting requires a strong technical background in statistics, good people skills, and for many, a good business sense. In addition, modern statistical consulting often involves distance relationships with clients and distance technology. Other sections of the ASA help with the technical aspects of statistics. The statistical consulting section is here to help with everything else.


Historical Newsletters

The newsletters for our section called The Statistical Consultant have been gathered, organized and scanned by Marlene Egger. Thank you Marlene! This is a lot of work and a great contribution to our Section.

You can find these newsletters, which go back to 1984, in our Newsletter section. Reading them gives an exciting look into the history of our Section and of statistical consulting in general. If anything you see sparks ideas of things that the Section should do in the future, please let your officers know.

Newsletters and Minutes

The past newsletters and minutes are now on the Section's micro-site under the Documents tab. Please read and enjoy!


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The Jockey Club Releases 2013 Breeding Statistics
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Seattle crime statistics show violent offenses up in 2014
Seattle crime statistics show violent offenses up in 2014. BY Chris Sullivan on September 18, 2014 @ 6:17 am (Updated: 10:15 am - 9/18/14 ). Tweet. spd_gasworks.jpg. Seattle Police say they are using the data on crime in near-real-time to help find ...
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    Janet Buckingham

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    Steve Pierson

    American Statistical Association
    Alexandria, VA
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    Eloi Kpamegan

    NOVAVAX, Inc.
    Gaithersburg, MD
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    Alexander Kolovos

    SpaceTimeWorks, LLC
    San Diego, CA
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  5. Mark Glickman
    Mark Glickman

    Boston University
    Bedford, MA
    United States

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Directory of Statistical Consultants

If you are looking for a statistical consultant, then this directory provided by the ASA and the Section on Statistical Consulting may be helpful.

While the ASA and the ASA Statistical Consulting Section endeavor to provide quality services, neither the ASA nor the ASA Statistical Consulting Section can guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by the statistical consultants, and neither guarantees the performance or abilities of the statistical consultants included. ...