Welcome Overview

On October 4-6, 2012, the 2012 ENVR Workshop "Spatial Modeling and Inference for Environmental Science" will be held at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina. There will be two half-day tutorials on October 4th followed by invited talks and a poster session on October 5th and 6th. 

This workshop focuses on state-of-the-art statistical methods motivated by important research problems in modern environmental science. While statistical methodology related to space-time modeling and computation will be an underlying theme, the focus of this workshop will be on methods that solve the most pressing problems for science and policy. Important topics covered include spatial extremes, statistical methods for complex computer models, new methods for high-dimensional spatial data, as well as statistical methods for non-Gaussian spatial processes. These methods are necessary for solving a very wide variety of problems including, but not limited to, climate science, ecology, pollution-related risk, energy and renewable resources, and disease modeling. Two half-day short courses will be offered, introducing researchers to important topics in methods for environmental science. There will also be a poster session, providing an opportunity for participation by graduate students and other young researchers.

Program Committee
  • Montserrat Fuentes, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University
  • Murali Haran (co-chair), Department of Statistics, Pennsylvania State University. Contact:mharan@stat.psu.edu
  • Jennifer Hoeting, Department of Statistics, Colorado State University
  • Bo Li, Department of Statistics, Purdue University
  • Brian Reich (co-chair), Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University. Contact: brian_reich@ncsu.edu

 Travel Support The ENVR section has made travel support available for students and post-docs on a competitive basis. For details please see the  Registration & Fees page