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Congratulations to the 2023 NSF CAREER Awardees!!


Congratulations to the nine 2023 NSF CAREER Awardees funded through the Statistics program of the Division of Mathematical Sciences

Jingshen Wang                        University of California-Berkeley

Andrew Holbrook*                   University of California-Los Angeles

Daniel Sanz-Alonso*                University of Chicago

Jingshu Wang                          University of Chicago

Subhabrata Sen                       Harvard University

Jason Klusowski                     Princeton University

Sumanta Basu                         Cornell University

Kean Ming Tan                       Regents of the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Yuansi Chen                            Duke University

*Holbrook and Sanz-Alonso were co-funded with other DMS programs.

To hear advice on applying for
, see this webinar organized by the ASA Committee on Funded Research: 

The committee also maintains the External Funding Sources webpage that funding opportunities from many agencies for all aspects of career development.