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    This post may be of most interest to members and chapters who are geographically close to Rochester, NY. This conference will be IN PERSON this year! Cross-posted to Rochester Chapter.

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    I have a table of problems with P(a<X<b), P(a<=X<b), P(X = int), P(X = float) for the normal, exponential, logistic, Poisson and Binomial distributions. For the continuous distributions, I allow students to answer the X=?? questions as 1/infinity or 0. ...

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    As you may have seen in previous posts, the International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics ( ISBIS ) is hosting a Satellite Conference in association with the 64th ISI World Statistics Congress (WSC) . In keeping with the WSC, ...

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    When I was at Eastern Michigan University, I took a class on numerical analysis. The prof would ask us for functions to deal with. Many of the students would shout out something like Y = exp(-7x). He'd get mad and ask for a real function. At some ...

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    Biostatistics Faculty Position UT Health San Antonio The Department of Population Health Sciences (PHS) under the Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine at UT Health San Antonio (UTHSA) seeks an experienced, doctorate-level faculty biostatistician. ...



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