FY13 NSF and NIH Budget Developments

By Steve Pierson posted 04-16-2012 13:28


This blog entry tracks FY13 appropriations developments for NSF and NIH and so will updated accordingly. (See log updates below.) To receive notifications of updates, follow ASA Science Policy on Twitter: @ASA_SciPol.

3/22: The FY13 budget is now final, with the NSF budget cut 2% from FY12 and NIH cut 4%. For further details on NSF, see Jeffrey Mervis's NSF Gets a Boost but Political Science Takes a Hit; for NIH, see Jocelyn Kaiser's NIH Gets Little Relief.

House and Senate mark-up are scheduled to begin week of April 16 with Senate doing CJS, Transportation/HUD, Interior/Environment, Defense, Financial Services and Ag/FDA and House doing E&W on 4/18 and CJS on 4/19.

       Agency   FY10   FY11   FY12     FY13
   NIH  30.95   30.688     30.623     30.623 30.6*1  30.723*  29.1 29.3 
   NSF   6.910    6.913  7.033   7.373   7.332*** 7.27** 6.7 6.882 
Levels in billions of dollars
Latest Action: *Subcommittee mark-up; **Committee mark-up; ***Passed the Floor
1The House Labor/HHS bill prohibits funds be used "be used for any economic research programs, projects, or activities", a broad stroke believed to be aimed at preventing implementation of the Affordable Care Act and specifically funding of comparative effectiveness research. See this 7/27 Science magazine piece by Jocelyn Kaiser.
The final FY13 continuing resolution restricts funding for political science research "except for research projects that the Director of the National Science Foundation certifies as promoting national security or the economic interests of the United States.”
NATD: No Action To Date

Updates (and sources):
  1. 3/22/13: Final FY13 CR passes Congress. These final levels are based on those derived from the AAU document numbers of $7.393 billion for NSF and $30.932 billion for NIH. Both numbers must be reduced by the sequestration cut of 5.1%, the NSF number must be reduced by a rescission of 1.877%, and the NIH number by a 0.189% rescission.
  2. 3/4/13: Sequestration cuts: 5.1% from FY12 levels. These levels are likely to be the final levels.
  3. 9/18: "White House document reports 8.2% sequestration cuts for NSF, NIH, and statistical agencies," 9/18 ASA Community blog entry.
  4. 9/7: "Panel Votes to End Prevention Fund, Cut Economics Studies, Freeze NIH," 7/27 Science magazine article by Jocelyn Kaiser 
  5. 8/15: Congress agrees in principal to 6 month continuing resolution, putting off FY13 decisions most likely until after the election: Congress Ready to Extend Budget at Current Levels, Science magazine piece, 8/10/12.
  6. 7/18: House Appropriations Committee Press Release: Appropriations Committee Releases the Fiscal Year 2013 Labor, Health and Human Services Funding Bill
  7. 6/12: Senate Summary: Fiscal Year 2013 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill 
  8. 4/18: House CJS bill and summary
  9. 4/17: Senate CJS subcommittee mark-up.

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