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The 8th Bayesian, Fiducial and Frequentist Conference (BFF8)

  • 1.  The 8th Bayesian, Fiducial and Frequentist Conference (BFF8)

    Posted 03-20-2023 19:46

    The BBF8 on May 3-5, 2023 is hosted by the Department of Operations, Business Analytics & Information Systems at the University of Cincinnati. The list of speakers can be found here We encourage Ph.D. students and junior researchers to join this conference with versatile topics on BFF inference. 

    The registration cost for this three-day event is ONLY $150, which includes beverages, morning bakery and snacks, lunches, and a banquet on Thursday evening at the Cincinnati Zoo, one of the best zoos in the nation. More information can be found on the conference website The registration will close on April 15, 2023.

    The conference is co-sponsored by the Lindner College of Business and Center for Business Analytics.

    About BFF

    The Bayesian, Fiducial, and Frequentist (BFF) community began in 2014 as a means to facilitate scientific exchange among data scientists and scholars in related fields that develop new methodologies within mind the foundational principles of data science. The community encourages and promotes research activities to bridge foundations on data-based decisions to facilitate objective and replicable scientific learning, and to develop analytic and computing methodologies for data analysis.

    Over the last eight years, BFF conferences have served as a venue to bring together researchers and practitioners from Bayesian analysis, fiducial statistics, and frequentist statistics with interest in fields such as medical research, epidemiology, economics, philosophy, social sciences, public policy, business analytics, and computer science to share ideas, update research progress, highlight important open problems in both theory and implementation, and most importantly discuss future directions of such research. The diversity of the conference attendees has created a dynamic, in-depth exchange of thoughts and ideas like no other conference in data science. Please visit for more information.

    Dungang Liu
    Associate Professor of Statistics and Business Analytics
    University of Cincinnati