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Regression Modeling Strategies Course

  • 1.  Regression Modeling Strategies Course

    Posted 03-17-2023 07:49

    If you need

    • a statistical modeling tune-up or want to keep up to date with modern methods for validating predictive models
    • to better understand advantages and disadvantages of statistical models vs. machine learning
    • to understand advantages of data reduction (unsupervised learning) over variable selection
    • to do multiple imputation while doing strong internal bootstrap validation
    • to see advantages of semiparametric ordinal models for analyzing continuous Y
    • to be introduced to Bayesian regression models
    • to understand advantages of directly modeling correlation structure in longitudinal continuous or categorical data
    • to see how easy flexible model building, validation, and description are in R,

    I will be offering the Regression Modeling Strategies course twice this year:

    • Two-day in-person course at JSM in Toronto, August 2023; more information here
    • Four-day virtual course May 16-19; more information here

    Please email questions to

    Frank Harrell
    Professor of Biostatistics
    Department of Biostatistics
    Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
    Expert Biostatistics Advisor, FDA CDER