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Personalized recommendations for JSM talks

  • 1.  Personalized recommendations for JSM talks

    Posted 7 days ago
    The large number of JSM talks can be overwhelming.  An undergrad (Yibin Xiong) and I made

    to give personalized recommendations of what talks to attend.  It uses decades of citation and co-authorship data to find JSM authors you might want to hear.  You can also customize your schedule and then export it to your calendar app.

    We also made an R package


    for those who prefer to navigate the JSM program from the comfort of an R console.

    We hope many find this useful!  If you don't see your name in the list or don't have many recommendations, we suggest putting in the name of someone with similar research interests to your own.  (If your name is missing, it is probably because your name was not in the JSM program this year.)

    See you at JSM!

    Jacob Bien
    Associate Professor
    University of Southern California