2022 Data Expo Challenge

2022 Data Expo Challenge

Contestants used at least one of the following five data sets selected from the Urban Institute Data Catalog. The Urban Institute is a “nonprofit research organization that believes decisions shaped by facts, rather than ideology, have the power to improve public policy and practice, strengthen communities, and transform people’s lives for the better.” (https://www.urban.org/aboutus

Contestants combined their chosen data set with at least one other publicly available data set. One option is to use another data set from the list.

We encourage participants to be creative in their research questions, objectives and analysis. Novel and interactive visualizations to explore the data are always of interest. The following comments are provided to spur inspiration:

  • Most of the challenge data sets from Urban include some aspect of race and ethnicity, so the analysis could focus on using the data to develop policy recommendations to address racial and ethnic inequality.
  • The Unequal Commute Data could be combined with external/additional data to provide policymakers with a more complete understanding of the challenges faced by constituents. For example, the analysis could connect the Unequal Commute Data with education data.
  • The Homeowner Assistance Fund data could be combined with external data on job outlook and public health. For data on employment and job outlook, check out bls.gov and www.census.gov
  • The Estimated Low Income Jobs Lost to COVID-19 data set has an associated interactive data visualization tool. This is predicted data, so participants could perform a comparative analysis with another prediction method(s) or data.

Student Winners
FIRST: Public Transit Policies to Promote Equitable Urban Mobility
Jenny Y Huang, Duke University; Gaurav Rajesh Parikh, Duke Kunshan University; Albert Sun, Duke University

SECOND: Understanding Changes of Racial and Ethnic Representation in Homeowners and US Post-Secondary Institutions
Jhonatan Jorge Medri Cobos, University of South Florida; Tejasvi Channagiri, University of South Florida"
THIRD: An Analysis on the Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Success in School
Alyson Everett, Miami University; Thomas Fisher, The University of Miami - Ohio
Professional Winner
Demographic Profile and Factors of Homeownership Disparity in the United States
Rachel Richardson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Battelle; David Degnan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Battelle; Anastasiya Prymolenna, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Battelle; Natalie Winans, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Battelle; Lisa Bramer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Battelle